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    All Saints

    I love Saints & Sinners but over time (along with the follow up albums) it does seem a bit like a weak link in cohesiveness. All the singles + Dreams, Distance, I Feel You and Surrender are all 10s for me. I have soft spots for Ready, Willing and Able and Saints & Sinners too. Fresh for...
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    Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Hana + "Murder on the Dancefloor" Resurgence!!!

    Sometimes if a physical product (cd/vinyl/cassette) has an official release date (e.g. Friday 16th) then the warehouse have a choice to dispatch on that day, or 1-2 days early to arrive to the buyer on release date. They should then notify the Official Charts Company that Friday 16th is the...
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    Kylie Minogue

    If only 'Can't Get You Out Of My Head' had less syllables it would have been a bigger hit..
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    Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Hana + "Murder on the Dancefloor" Resurgence!!!

    Going off data from Kworb, on 20th January the song received 3,291,342 streams on Spotify alone. Each stream generates around 0.007p which would equate to £23,039.39. Depending on how the song was contracted I'm sure this will be split between Sophie, other songwriters/producer/record label etc...
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    Kylie Minogue

    'What Do I Have To Do' is in my top 5 all time Kylie! My least favourite of the quartet is possibly 'Step Back In Time', although like you said.. all solid 10's.
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    Spice Girls

    I guesstimated a few weeks back that it'll hit one billion by New Year's Eve and it's looking that way! A perfect celebration.
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    Girls Aloud - The Girls Aloud Show (2024 Tour)

    Singles I'll be fine with them not performing this time round to make room for album tracks: Life Got Cold (great to see it performed in 2013, but like another member has mentioned it's quite dark and generally not as high favoured as other songs) See The Day (I'll be fine for them to never...
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    Girls Aloud - The Girls Aloud Show (2024 Tour)

    I can really imagine Untouchable being a fantastic opener.. it has the strength, electricity and emotion for a fantastic entrance for a show that celebrates Sarah and also their musical history.. "Through wind and rain we got here"
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    Amazon is showing as sold out for the StepSwirl variants of Buzz (blue) and Steptacular (green).. what do we think are the chances they reappear?!
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    Spice Girls

    Wannabe is not far off reaching a billion streams on Spotify, hopefully should make it there by New Years Eve going off it's current daily streaming count (usually around 500k). It'll be one of the very few girlband tracks to reach that milestone.. Fifth Harmony are the only one I can think of...
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    Girls Aloud - The Girls Aloud Show (2024 Tour)

    I've been thinking this. Some performances on the Ten Tour are uncomfortable to watch because I felt like there was a bit of a disconnect when performing as a group after so long. Totally understandable as there were probably some power struggles back in the day to prove they could all perform...
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    Kylie Minogue - Tension

    Sorry if this has been discussed... but weren't the sales for the Extended Mixes of DISCO album consolidated alongside the main album when it charted in late 2021? Just seen the album chart update today and seen Extension at 8 and Tension at 62..
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    Alison Goldfrapp - The Love Reinvention

    Really looking forward to the new versions, however the new track 'Every Little Drop' has reminded me of how much I love the original, 'SLoFLo'.. quite a divisive track amongst fans on a mostly upbeat record, but I think it's slowly become my favourite on the original album. The lyrics, vocal...
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    Girls Aloud - What Will the Neighbours Say? (Mar 8) + General Discussion

    Nicola on verses (Cheryl & Kimberley doing the upper & lower harmonies in 2nd verse) and then Nadine nailing Mutya's middle 8. Sarah adding her own amazing ad libs.
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    I know I've asked before but not sure if anyone was able to source... Does anyone happen to have a high-res version the full length Erotica photo? I can't find one anywhere!