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    PJ Retro 88: Endless Retro Vacation (Reveals happening now!)

    i'll be trying to listen to this playlist somehow tomorrow. I've obviously been all over the place this week.
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    BIG POP GIRLS 2022 - #8

    Nearly ten years old now. The definition of 'ahead of its time'.
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    PopJustice Song Contest 126 REVEaLiNG

    I've started, and I've reached Namasenda, but my eyes are getting tired, so stay tuned for my vote tomorrow. I'll try to start this and PJRetro earlier tomorrow night.
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    #KS⟲TY2022: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2022 Rate | #34

    Sorry to not comment on my song. What was there to say? Well, this I could say. I'll say Pity Party is the perfect song to accompany me through my first year of AmDram, since I started in July last year, which has been getting better since I first performed as part of an ensemble in September...
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    PopJustice Song Contest 126 REVEaLiNG

    I mean, I'm fine with my current entry and allow it to replace Daoko soon, but I'm happy with my Daoko like I was with my Kero Kero Bonito, thank you very much. It was on theme with gaming, and it did well for me.
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    Charts & Rates Queue

    Speaking of Eurovision, the later than usual rate has now opened for votes. It will be ranking the whole 37 this time, so the more voters reading here, the better.
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    K-Popjustice Charts ≋ April 2023 Edition ≋ Complete Results

    Oh @Glitterizer, it ruined it for me on PJSC. And now, here I am, pleading for from20's forgiveness in knowing it's a good tune!
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    PJXTRA 21: FL 2000s (vote by 01/06)

    No Moi... Lolita, no J'en ai marre !
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    PopJustice Song Contest 126 REVEaLiNG

    Been busy preparing for my Sunday morning audition earlier today, and obviously that and Eurovision has been distracting me this week, but I have one more hour to play before I'm done.
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    Eurovision Song Contest 2023 - Liverpool

    So I managed to get on that Ultimate Guide tonight! And I've suddenly gone into self-promo mode because I'm wearing my AmDram show's, T-shirt there! The Wizard of Oz in Blackpool, just on time for the unexpected cameras. But honestly, even though I'm not going to a show this year, though I do...
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    PopJustice Song Contest 126 REVEaLiNG

    Sent my Legends entry, but the form seemed to start afresh.
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    PJSC 125 - Firsts Edition - WINNER CROWNED!

    My single Mum and Uncle, plus Cousin. But they obviously knew they both had to take me and him. But I wish I had pop concerts of note, but I'm catching up in the modern day somehow. Mainly all the ones with orchestration by John Cameron, pre-2010 mostly. It started with Lea Salonga, but as I...
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    The Popjustice Eurovizh Alt-Song Contest 2023! (round 1 votes due 4th of June!)

    I'm so pumped, but I know that I sometimes get behind, and don't vote for some countries' entrants. But I have completed 9 countries' playlists this year, Albania, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Malta, Norway, Spain and Ukraine. That is a pretty much a record for me, with only Italy and...
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    Charts & Rates Queue

    Oh, I'm so pumped.
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    K-Popjustice Charts ≋ March 2023 Edition ≋ Complete Results

    I think more of us needed to vote for Like Crazy. It's far too good to chart on Bubbling Under.