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Sep 20, 2022
Jul 22, 2013
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Sep 20, 2022
    1. 2014
      Hey! You expressed interest in participating in my Jessie Ware rate; you have until FRIDAY MIDNIGHT to PM me your votes xxx

      Thanks - 2014 x
      1. ThighHighs
        I'm writing up my scores and commentary today!
        Feb 28, 2018
        2014 likes this.
    2. Squashua
      BUTTDONALD’S Y*SSSSSS. Let’s go get a McButtger and a big portion of Booty Fries sometime Unnie x
      1. ThighHighs likes this.
      2. ThighHighs
        Im actually doing a pescetarian thing rn, so I'll just order the Fil-Anus-O-Fish. :*
        Dec 5, 2017
        Squashua likes this.
      3. Squashua
        That’s fair, I’m probably overestimating my appetite anyway. Maybe I’ll go for some Cheeks-en Nuggets or hash-Buns or something. You can still eat an Applebottom Pie with that diet though right?
        Dec 5, 2017
        ThighHighs likes this.
      4. ThighHighs
        Well I just had dinner, so lets grab breakfast in the morning. I'm getting dem hot cakes (and a side of sausage) and a bacon, ass, and cheese.
        Dec 6, 2017
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    Minneapolis, MN
    The three best popstars on the planet are...:
    1. Kylie Minogue
    2. Madonna
    3. Girls Aloud
    4. Kelly Clarkson
    5. Lady Gaga
    666. Taylor Swift
    What do you think would be the main pitfalls when it came to eating a cake baked by Halsey?:
    One of his 'cheeky chappy' caps probably fell in the dough at some point.
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