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    The View

    Who knew Sunny and Alyssa were members here?? I do think Sunny needs to be slightly careful because as much as I enjoy her willingness to spark debate and drama, and think it's necessary for the show's survival, I she needs to drop the fact that Alyssa worked for Pence and Trump. And sometimes...
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    I’m actually glad they didn’t drag Connor into the family drama. The show was already often stressful to watch, and the sibling drama as exhausting as it was addicting, that having Connor serve almost exclusively as comedic relief was a great call. Especially given that the other comedic...
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    Dua Lipa - "Dance the Night" + 3rd Album

    On Absolutely! But the GP is fickle and forgetful. We’ve seen many a pop girl take too long, or miscalculate their next move after a smash era and never quite bounce back.
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    Dua Lipa - "Dance the Night" + 3rd Album

    This is probably the cleverest way for her to go: putting a cute lil summer track out to remind people who she is, why they like her/what she’s known for and potentially secure a quick minor hit capitalising off a big cultural moment, without galvanising or spoiling the hype and excitement of...
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    I don’t miss Logan at all ddd. I like seeing the siblings spin out and have to deal with the consequences of their unseriousness as people (to paraphrase one of Logan’s most cutting insults). I think any issues with the writing (which to me has remained largely fantastic) have been due to the...
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    The most anxiety-inducing TV I've seen since... the last US presidential election? Objectively well-written to cause such emotion, but God that was hard to watch. At least I can now actively root against Roman and Kendall. But I have absolutely no faith in Shiv to orchestrate their takedown...
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    Halsey - If I Can't Have Love, I Want Power

    Beyoncé really had these girls thinking it was easy with Lemonade.
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    Lana Del Rey - Did you know that there's a tunnel under Ocean Blvd

    The lazy chorus of Fuck It I Love You is the closest thing to a weakness NFR has.
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    Scream 7 *SPOILERS*

    I just don’t see how you tie Sam’s story into the twins’ without Tara. I think we’ll get the Core 4 in the next movie, and I’d definitely rather wait a little longer for that to happen.
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    What an episode. I should know by now that when we get a slow episode, like last week's, it's just because the writers are giving us a brief chance to breath before stakes are upped dramatically and our necks are positively stood upon. Chinks in the Matson armour finally appearing just as the...
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    I don’t think there’s much more they could do with Greg? He worked at the start as the bumbling but basically well intentioned character who had some slight air of morality about him, who sort of judged but also admired the antics of his family. Basically representing the viewer. But once he...
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    The Diplomat

    I found the first half of the first episode a little.. lightweight/fluffy? I expected almost a Homeland, The Americans more serious vibe. Does it get better and a little more serious as it goes?
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    Rihanna - 9th Album

    Why does she have to say it though? Her actions have shown it's not coming for years now, so any expectations to the contrary are fans' own fault? Other, I guess than playing the Super Bowl, but even that is pretty much always more a vehicle to shore up the popularity of your back catalogue...
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    As a follow up thought, I can completely see why Roman is in lead character categories this time around. This really is his season. Shiv and Kendall are always great, well rounded characters fantastically acted, but it’s good to see more facets of Roman and Kieran deserves major props. Not that...
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    Yeah I found last night's episode the weakest since the opener, which to be fair aptly performed the task of setting things up for the season. Having two dragged out 'will they, won't they' storylines on the go at the same time (the deal and Shiv/Tom) just fuels impatience in me as a viewer. I...