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    Eurovision 2024

    Love Injected. What a moment!
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    Melodifestivalen 2024

    Maria Sur was the best of the night, if not a bit dated. Couldn't help but think of Euphoria during the "will you... a- a- a -a -a -a -a... love me when i'm gone" part came up.
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    ITALY // Sanremo 2024

    I'm completely obsessed with Sinceramente - such a wonderful song. Angelina probably should win though.
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    Melodifestivalen 2024

    Awful Liar is great. Love it. Love her.
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    Eurovision 2024

    Bummer for Keiino.
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    Eurovision 2024

    I knew they would bring it. As they always do. I hope they return in May.
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    Eurovision 2024

    Eya is fun but I very much doubt she stands a chance representing Norway with this song. It's just way too similar to this (which was one of my fav from 2022):
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    Eurovision 2024

    He'll never do better than this though.
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    Jade Thirlwall

    Fake Friends is a winner in this house. The "it's so boooooring" part is very catchy.
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    Dua Lipa - "Training Season" + 3rd Album

    The “London session” is a complete waste of time. This is basically the same song, not reworked or extended in any way - which is what made the L.A version of Don’t Start Now so exciting.
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    Lil Nas X - “J CHRIST” + 2nd Album

    The issue here is that this package (song and video) feels like a re-run of what he has done before (and better). The song is not bad per say, but this basically sounds like something that would be at home on the previous album. I worry the general audience might get a bit bored (I know I am)...
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    Ariana Grande - "yes, and?" + eternal sunshine (Mar 8)

    Absolutely wonderful !
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    Zara Larsson - VENUS

    Wait - I actually did not realise Memory Lane isn't part of the album... Ridiculous promo and release strategy - fitting for Zara!
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    Vinyljustice 2.0

    not taking the vinyl out, turning on the turntable, clicking the play button and adjusting volume taking more time than the entirety of Is It Love?
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    Loreen - "Is It Love" + General Discussion

    That London show was breathtaking. What a star!