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    Nooooo Free, Traveling Song, Here Is Home, and New Constellations are fucking brilliant! You need to spend more time with them. Her lyricism on those tracks especially is unmatched. All four tell such dramatic stories, and her vocals are top notch.
    Literally every song of hers is flawless and it's impossible to say which is a favourite. It was my favourite from the EP (bar OctaHate which is obviously like a 31/10) but as the whole album I just love every single song. It's mindblowing to have an album that is so absolutely perfect. I'm thrilled that you're acquainted with Ryn because it just makes you that much more amazing which I didn't think was possible.
    Even if you don't PM the commentary... your general commentary, opinions, etc. during the reveal is life giving! Buy the Stars is amazing, I gave it a 9. Trust me, not to inflate my ego (I'm honestly not for that) but my commentary is extraordinary for every Marina song, whether I love it or not. It'll be a good read, stay tuned.
    Awww looks like we are destined to bump heads in this rate a bit too! My scores for Sex Yeah and Obsessions are 5.5 and 6 (two of my lowest scores in the rate ). You're still flawless though and I can't wait to read your opinions in that rate! You always have excellent points and I consider you one of the voices of The Saturdays as far as having extensive's uncanny. xoxo
    GOOD! Most of my 10's went to her "basic" stuff, but I also love my fair share of the indie stuff too. "I'm A Ruin" grabbed my 11 from older favorites "Hollywood" and "Primadonna" ... "How to be..." is one of the 10's
    Aw, but the only thing I truly dislike in their entire discography is 'Gentlemen' if I had to only listen to it in secret I'd have more than enough jams that we share in common. LOL.

    As far as Mollie goes, I'm sure I could be converted *wink*. Besides every one of the 'behind the scenes' videos people have posting in the rate thread, have reminded me how much of a sweetheart she is.
    Yes, but just about every one of your top played Sats songs are also favorites of mine.
    Amazing. By the way, if that's you in your Last.FM're a cutie pie. <3
    Honestly so many more duds that should have gone. "Wordshaker" and "Living For The Weekend" say hi.
    I expected you to defend "Gentleman" so much more... You came here with your girls and left without them. #YouLetThemDanceAlone
    Don't worry about it! I don't receive any notifications, so I never know if I have a message. I only just saw yours...
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