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    Random Eurovision Thoughts

    Impersonating the icon and Queen of Eurovision Simone de Oliveira? No.
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    Kate Bush

    Does this mean anything or is it just Kate being Kate? From the hidden page on the landing page (click the O in Fish People on the right hand side):
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    UK Entry 2023

    It's the most contemporary song we've sent since... 1998??
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    UK Entry 2023

    Wait I just heard the spoken word middle 8 in the music video version I-
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    UK Entry 2023

    This could do really well with the right staging. The 15 seconds they have to play with for a dance break could be crucial.
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    Loreen - "Tattoo" + General Discussion

    Fucking. Hell. This. Is. Incredible.
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    Eurovision Song Contest 2023 - Liverpool

    It was ridiculous in 1998 and it's ridiculous in 2023.
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    Eurovision Song Contest 2023 - Liverpool

    Hosts announced…. it’s not the one.
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    UK Entry 2023

    It won't be long until the UK entry will be announced. So far this season we saw a lot of (unfounded?) speculation around Rina Sawayama. There's been a bit of chat on Twitter about Freya Ridings potentially representing the UK. Her song 'Weekends' has been named a Radio 1 Tune of the Week like...
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    I swear to God if I see one more fatphobic tweet dressed up under the "twink death" meme-
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    BEYONCÉ - RENAISSANCE World Tour 2023

    Got nosebleed seats for Edinburgh but WHEW I’ll hear the album of the decade live!