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    Like a cross between Melanie Martinez and Mr Little Jeans
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    Superwalkers (Electronic Dance-Pop)

    Swedish electronic dance-pop duo signed to Cosmos (Say Lou Lou, Lucas Nord, Naomi Pilgrim). Had over 2 million streams on Spotify for one of their earlier tracks and just released their debut EP last week
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    Luna Shadows - Digital Pacific

    This is an incredible EP! Like a mix of Elohim, Cappa and Lana Del Rey
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    Australian based, very London Grammar
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    Micky Blue

    NY based electronic pop artist, reminds me of Zella Day. Free EP download via Soundcloud Another great track
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    Queens of Pop

    Hey! Great profile name and intro!
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    Hey everyone, New to the PopJustice forum and looking to chat with fellow pop music fans. My taste tends to edge more towards lesser known/emerging artists before the hype. Some of my favourite artists from more known to lesser know include: Lorde Banks Shura ELOHIM Mr Little Jeans Broods...