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  1. Someboy

    Usher - "Boyfriend" + Coming Home (Feb 11) & Super Bowl

    Oh... twitter has reminded me that Bieber is a possibility...
  2. Someboy

    Usher - "Boyfriend" + Coming Home (Feb 11) & Super Bowl

    Mm, I don’t believe they are friendly or fans of one another, so I think we can cross that one out.
  3. Someboy

    Usher - "Boyfriend" + Coming Home (Feb 11) & Super Bowl

    Roc Nation is doing an incredible job of getting the right person at the right moment every year. He has all the hits, he has the legacy, there have been nostalgia-fueled viral moments the past couple of years capturing the attention of multi generations, and he's also a flat-out born performer...
  4. Someboy

    Random Thoughts

    There's something chic about this. Also, it's filmed better than 95% of the VMAs were.
  5. Someboy

    Doja Cat - Scarlet

    And yet still it lacks much originality or vision. This was one for Jake Nava.
  6. Someboy

    *NSYNC - “Better Place" (Sep 29) & Reunion + General Discussion

    Hm. A joint performance with another group is something I could potentially buy, but sometimes with these hypothetical Super Bowl performers, I want people to keep in mind who has performed since Roc Nation came in... - J.Lo and Shakira - The Weeknd - Dr. Dre & Friends - Rihanna And then ask...
  7. Someboy

    Flo Milli

    When Flo calls Kelis as her star witness, it’s over for him!
  8. Someboy

    Random Thoughts

    No, thank goodness.
  9. Someboy

    Dating & Relationships

    Me in the background of these posts as Lush tells me he can’t get involved with this man…
  10. Someboy

    2023 Hollywood Strike

    I am slightly encouraged they’re meeting for a third day in a row, and the WGA hasn’t released any sort of statement saying they’re being lectured by the studios.
  11. Someboy

    Random Thoughts

    I just liked a French actress’ Insta story… what is wrong with me and when will it be fixed.
  12. Someboy

    French Pop - General Genre Discussion

    Le legend Lescop has returned…
  13. Someboy

    Taylor Swift - 1989 (Taylor's Version) [Oct 27] + Re-Recordings

    The variants issue as it relates to environmentalism is not her problem alone to solve. Honestly, she’s not an innovator in terms of how she sells her music, rather she’s very adept at moving in the direction of where things trend. Now, she’s certainly an industry leader, and some of her fans...
  14. Someboy

    Vinyljustice 2.0

    This Montauk aestheic for a quintessential city album is just so… *gives up*
  15. Someboy

    PopJustice News Network (PJNN): U.S. Politics Channel

    Hard to know where exactly we’ll be in a year, but if the election were this November, it would be another 2016 result, I’m almost positive.
  16. Someboy

    Oscar Bait 2023-2024

    Always so refreshing when someone cuts a decent trailer!
  17. Someboy

    Taylor Swift - 1989 (Taylor's Version) [Oct 27] + Re-Recordings

    Loving this squad-evolution just in time for the re-release… this is the stuff she’s good at! Why does she ever bother fighting it?
  18. Someboy

    Katy Perry - 6th Album

    Ah, my mistake then. I mean, the rumors have definitely been out there, but I assumed they were married.
  19. Someboy

    Katy Perry - 6th Album

    When you sell property, especially when a celebrity sells property, it's almost always because of cash flow. There have been rumors the marriage isn't in a great place, and her career is far from its peak, but I would be surprised if she's changed her lifestyle much, meaning there's a need for...
  20. Someboy

    Random Thoughts

    The aesthetic assault of five pinned threads at the top of Pop & Justice...