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  1. Dan!

    Random Eurovision Thoughts

    Ok but where is Chaneleni
  2. Dan!

    Slayyyter - STARFUCKER

    Everyone who downloaded the leak better have the vinyl making its way to their residence tomorrow/on 13th October (date subject to change)
  3. Dan!


    My phone battery to me after installing iOS 17 Getting the 15 Pro Max on Friday though hehe
  4. Dan!

    Canada's Drag Race

    She will be an absolute menace whether she’s Traitor or Faithful. Here for it.
  5. Dan!

    Eurovision Song Contest 2023 - Liverpool

    The inevitable twin energy collab has happened: I’m bopping to the chaos.
  6. Dan!


    So apparently
  7. Dan!


    First thing that happened to me in Kitakami was a fucking Corphish landing a Guillotine
  8. Dan!

    Pokémon 26% off (It’s where I got the SwSh DLC from too so it is legit!)
  9. Dan!


    Cut-price download code bought, DLC installed, team thawed from the freezer. Let’s do this.
  10. Dan!

    Horror films

  11. Dan!

    Cher - Christmas (Oct 20)

    This is NOT your mother’s Christmas album. But Michael Buble IS on it.
  12. Dan!

    Drag Race Mexico (S1)

    Very deserving winner and a great season. Must be one of the best top fours across all franchises. Still laughing at Valentina joking about Argennis getting votes for Miss Congeniality nn
  13. Dan!

    Tinashe - BB/ANG3L

    Listened to this 6 times throughout today and it’s such a bulletproof little collection of songs. The chorus of Gravity is spellbinding.
  14. Dan!

    Horror films

    Butcher you will always be famous
  15. Dan!

    Leigh-Anne - "My Love" (feat. Ayra Starr) + Debut Album

    It's a smash. Tell me how much can you take take TAKE Tell me how much can you take take of MY LOVE MY LOVE MY LOVE MY LOVE
  16. Dan!

    PopJustice Book Club

    My signed copy of Mona Awad’s new book Rouge got delivered today, I didn’t think it was out until next week so excited to dive in!
  17. Dan!


    I use the Altruist SPF50 sunscreen (non-green version) to finish my AM routine, and I carry a Beauty of Joseon stick to top up throughout the day. In other news I’ve been trying out Volufiline 100% and whew the results came quick. I put some mixed with cream under my eyes and it’s filled out...
  18. Dan!

    Drag Race Down Under

    Getting Tayce vibes from the way they are treating Hollywould. They just can’t take a well-adjusted diva who slays
  19. Dan!

    Random Thoughts

  20. Dan!

    Random Thoughts

    My brain saturating with ‘one ting was enough’ as august is once again trending on Tiquetoq