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  1. Stradiwhovius

    Doctor Who

    Apparently just before Strictly. People decoded some binary in the teasers that translated to 6:13 and the dancing starts at 6:15.
  2. Stradiwhovius

    Kylie Minogue - Tension

    I don’t have anything insightful to say on this yet but it is an excellent album for a workout.
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    Doctor Who

    Series 6 is an interesting one in that I reckon it's got probably the most 10/10 masterpieces in it of any series but the rest of it is a hot mess express where Moffat clearly did not have the time to keep on top of the quality control.
  4. Stradiwhovius

    Drag Race Down Under

    I didn't bother watching the finale, I just needed to check that girl who always looks worried didn't win.
  5. Stradiwhovius


    Finished The Teal Mask already and it has been very evocative of The Isle of Armor in the sense it feels like a teaser and that The Indigo Disk will be a lot more substantive.
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    If you play it as post-game it is scaled as such. I'm not sure what level it's pitched at but I would recommend getting all of the -raidon movement abilities. Actually, some are required so it might be on a level curve with the base game.
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    General Weather Discussion

    I finally sorted an extended exhaust hose for the air conditioner I bought after the heat wave last year the past few days alone have made it totally worth it.
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    Drag Race Down Under

    Honestly just fabricate some trauma if that's what you have to do. Treat it like another acting challenge. Pretend to have an intense phobia of low GSM paper or something.
  9. Stradiwhovius

    Drag Race Down Under

    I think the issue here is that none of these girls feel essential. Does the winners circle feel incomplete without any of these queens?
  10. Stradiwhovius

    RuPaul's Drag Race UK *SPOILERS*

    This isn't quite tea but I'm expecting Ginger to dominate at Jinkx and Bob levels.
  11. Stradiwhovius

    Doctor Who

    I can't see Billie being back but I do believe Russell has plans around getting another Rose into the show.
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    Random Thoughts

    Anyway I made a really nice butter chicken curry yesterday. Happy to share the recipe if anyone wants to try it out. EDIT: I can actually just share this widely, it's been published as a sample recipe here.
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    Charli XCX

    I've become obsessed with Lightning and I'm Sorry if I Hurt You recently and it's forced me to confront the truth that I don't hate Charli after all.
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    To be fair to him though her son was very annoying and rude.
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    Sufjan Stevens - Javelin (Oct 6)

    Over the past year or so I've gotten into Sufjan a lot more. Basically a friend of mine asked for advice on how to get into him and from there we kind of radicalised each other into loving his music even further. I'm obsessed with the juxtaposition between his morbid, contemplative body of work...
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    Sufjan Stevens - Javelin (Oct 6)

    Gosh this is gorgeous. Feels like it has echoes of Seven Swans and parts of The Ascension while also feeling brand new.
  17. Stradiwhovius

    RuPaul's Drag Race (US)

    Wasn't there talk some time back of transforming The X Factor one into it?
  18. Stradiwhovius


    The second episode has been a massive step up for me. While it does feel quite strange to me that Amy is now canonically 44 years old, I found her arc in this actually quite moving. I've always appreciated Futurama for not being afraid to shift the status quo a little. Things like Fry and Leela...
  19. Stradiwhovius

    RuPaul's Drag Race (US)

    Are we doing Drag Me To Dinner in here? It's all up on Disney Plus in the UK, not sure if that's new. It is... I think I would pick and choose based on who your favourite queens are. The format doesn't have room to breathe and it has a hurried quality that reminds me of the netflix baking shows.
  20. Stradiwhovius

    SPOILER ALERT: Drag Race T Thread

    I like it! It gives us more space to get to know the queens. I think it should be done like in Season 12 and be a top 2 with no elimination though. Because it makes me slightly uncomfy seeing a girl go home on a challenge where if they were in the full pack they might have been safe.