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  1. cabirian

    Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Hana

    This is shockingly my first album of hers... solid experience, though I get the criticisms from the "Padam Padam" mafia dddd I do think she is trying hard, sometimes visibly so. On the other hand, every song has a production twist or touch I can appreciate. "Beyond the Universe" is where I'd...
  2. cabirian


    It’s very difficult innit? I do think the 50 #1 dance hits somehow get it as representative of her power in the dancefloor, but it’s 10 more than those 40…and… we’ll still miss quite some ballads, like I’ll Remember etc
  3. cabirian


    This dddd One of the rare instances where the 'clean' version is the way to go.
  4. cabirian

    Self Esteem - Prioritise Pleasure

    This being at page 3, with this hype from critics. Lemme bump to say I'm starting to listen, but I won't accept people criticizing the pre-release singles dddd - specially the first 2 which are year's best material
  5. cabirian

    Lorde - Solar Power

    dddd I know surprise releasing it is so 2013, but she should have considered a release on June 21st. And agree that it should all work (even) better in the album.
  6. cabirian


    Yes and No. I'd have personally traded it for Keep It Together, which I know it's a fan fave but wtv.
  7. cabirian

    Miley Cyrus - Plastic Hearts

    Apocalipse confirmed. She has my heart etc
  8. cabirian

    Lorde - Solar Power

    ddddd P.S. - I love the cover, or at least I hope it's the one on her website.
  9. cabirian

    Liz Phair - Soberish

    This is a comeback, a'right :)
  10. cabirian

    Japanese Breakfast

    What a week, at last. New Liz Phair, Wolf Alice and now this!
  11. cabirian

    Lorde - Solar Power

    So, it's an album for the hip bros then. Is she trying to ride the Lana wave? Is this album Antonoff-free?
  12. cabirian

    Wolf Alice - Blue Weekend + General Discussion

    This album is perfection, and I was fearing that it'd be virtually impossible to equal album #2 but they truly did it,
  13. cabirian


    Not Magic again. ddddd
  14. cabirian


    Side A (24:18) - LOVE & OTHER DRUGS 1. I'm Addicted 2. Turn up the Radio 3. Give Me All Your Luvin' 4. Some Girls 5. Beautiful Killer 6. I'm a Sinner Side B (21:50) - DRAMA 7. Gang Bang 8. Love Spent 9. Masterpiece 10. I Fucked Up 11. Falling Free Pratically perfect with some reworked vocals...
  15. cabirian

    Annie - Dark Hearts + Neon Nights EP

    Wait what? Limited edition? Low stock? Heh
  16. cabirian

    Annie - Dark Hearts + Neon Nights EP

    This is being criminally underrated ugh. A new favorite from her; certainly her most storytelling/personal album. This is basically a mash between the best parts of Chromatics, Bat For Lashes and M83 soundwise - so I was bound to love it.
  17. cabirian

    Aluna - MYCELiUM (2023 Album) Wow much respect
  18. cabirian

    Aluna - MYCELiUM (2023 Album)

    this has 0 hype whaaaa I knew of its existence right here right now
  19. cabirian

    Maluma - PAPI JUANCHO / #7DJ

    Oh boy, this is truly "first world problems - the war". We want more of this telenovela, yes.
  20. cabirian

    Maluma - PAPI JUANCHO / #7DJ

    If only he released a visual album with just dancing for a straight hour. Oh well, Instagram it is.