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  1. tigerglue

    Melodifestivalen 2021.

    Really reminded me more of First Be a Woman by Gloria Gaynor
  2. tigerglue

    Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

    Not Miss Minogue forcing me to log in after 2 years of saying nothing because of Celebrate You. I have never been very active on this forum because English is not my native language, but for one reason or another I just wanted to share this post. I was worried when Kylie announced Disco it...
  3. tigerglue

    Eurovision Song Contest 2018

    Does anyone know how the jury voting takes place? I am wondering because just like last year the detailed jury votes from Azerbaijan are particularly amusing. Take a look at their semi final 1 scoring and then (when they failed to qualify) their grand final scoring.
  4. tigerglue

    Eurovision Song Contest 2018

    Even though this edition is not even finished, I am already looking forward to 2019. Because you know countries like Russia, Armenia and Azerbeidzjan are fuming after not qualifying and will bring their best to destroy the competition to get back into the finals.
  5. tigerglue

    The Greatest Eurovision Songs That Never Were

    This is why I became a Eurovision fan! I remember texting for this song to stay into the competition! It advanced to the final though, but Kate Ryan won. Belgium Eurovision 2008 had some serious bops! Childhood memories!
  6. tigerglue

    I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!

    I really don't like their macho beahviour as well. In fact it is starting to make me feel uncomfortable.
  7. tigerglue

    I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!

    I don't know how famous these people because I started to watch this show by accident from abroad, but the jock group of Amir, Dennis and Jamie are getting on my nerves. They have gotten a lot of screen time in the last days. Too bad that two of them got immunity. Hoping that the show will focus...
  8. tigerglue

    I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!

    I really really don't like Amir. I hope he is the first one to go.
  9. tigerglue

    I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!

    Chappi is not even trying
  10. tigerglue

    What's That Song?

    @SacredThistle This one?
  11. tigerglue

    K-Pop (General Discussion)

    Thanks to this thread I have recently discovered Kim Lip with Eclipse. What a nice summer song! Does anyone have some recommendations of some K-pop songs that fall in the same category?
  12. tigerglue

    J-Pop - General Genre Discussion

    Hi guys, I am trying to remember a song from AKB48. It was a video set in a resort and at the end of it they were all doing their crazy choreography around the pool. The song was extremely upbeat. Anyone who knows which song I am talking about with these vague hints?
  13. tigerglue

    The Weeknd - Starboy

    This has nothing to do with his songs, but that stage is amazing! I watched every video in awe just because of that podium. Woops.
  14. tigerglue

    Tove Lo - Blue Lips

    I keep returning to Vibes. Having a bit of a hard time of getting into the second part of the album as it as bit of the same mid tempo stuff, but WTF Love Is is a perfectly serviceable slice of electro pop.
  15. tigerglue

    Tove Lo - Blue Lips

    23:59 => nothing to be seen, silence before the storm. 00:00 => it's up there + a big ad slapped across my screen. Thank you, Spotify
  16. tigerglue

    Tove Lo - Blue Lips

    So I just came back from the album presentation where she explained all the songs and thought to share some facts for those who are interested. Not really including much of my personal impressions, as I feel like I need to listen to the album once more. Influence: First song written after her...
  17. tigerglue

    Tove Lo - Blue Lips

    Hooray, just won tickets for her album launch party this Wednesday. Also getting a copy of the album home + a 'Lady wood goodie bag'. Now to find an excuse for work.
  18. tigerglue

    RuPaul's Drag Race: AS2, S9, AS3, S10

    I have danced too many times to Shut Up and Drive after taking a shower to call it a coincidence any more. Favorite lip sync ever.
  19. tigerglue

    Fifth Harmony - 7/27

    Same. This group is a complete suprise for me! After being bombarded with Work From Home and Flex whilst listening to the radio I decided to give their album a go. I randomly chose Not That Kinda Girl as the first track to listen to and right after that I decided not to listen to any other...
  20. tigerglue

    RuPaul's Drag Race: AS2, S9, AS3, S10

    My biggest problem with S7 was the overall ambition of the queens. I was really disappointed seeing Pearl in the top 3. Yeah, she is hot out of drag. But that is not what makes a great drag superstar.