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  1. Yggdra

    Taylor Swift - The Eras Tour

    I genuinely thought the wait would be over after the queue had finished...
  2. Yggdra

    Taylor Swift - The Eras Tour

    My queue ended and now has me waiting for over 5 minutes after I selected my preferred date, still can't see what the availability is or how much longer I need to wait
  3. Yggdra

    Taylor Swift - The Eras Tour

    35,000 people in front of me for Amsterdam tickets... Pray for me sisters
  4. Yggdra

    Kyla La Grange

    I've just heard Nurture for the first time and it hit me like a ton of bricks. Absolutely breathtakingly beautiful
  5. Yggdra

    Kacey Musgraves - star-crossed

    Hookup scene just clicked and it's destroying me
  6. Yggdra

    Foxes - The Kick

    This is absolutely amazing and exactly what I want from her. Hoping for more of this leading up to the new album!
  7. Yggdra

    CHVRCHES - Screen Violence + Lauren Mayberry (Solo)

    I'm struggling to give the rest of the album a spin because I can't stop myself from replaying Asking For A Friend. What a absolutely perfect opener, and what a thrilling return to form for CHVRCHES. It's the comeback I didn't dare to hope for.
  8. Yggdra

    Marina - Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land

    Wait this sounds like it could be EVERYTHING
  9. Yggdra

    V V Brown

    Not gonna lie that's iconic
  10. Yggdra


    Can this please be some kind of misunderstanding?
  11. Yggdra

    Katy B - Peace and Offerings EP

    Some pretty amazing tracks of hers have already been mentioned on this page, but these two are still classics that deserve all praise they can get
  12. Yggdra

    Charli XCX - How I'm Feeling Now

    Same here, #1 played song of 2020 for me and it hasn't aged a bit. We love a classic!
  13. Yggdra

    Kim Petras - Feed the Beast / Problématique

    Don't know if anyone here follows the League of Legends scene a bit, but a couple of years ago they've launched a virtual K-pop band called K/DA, who have dropped two songs since. Apparently, Kim has just been confirmed to be a featured singer on one of their next songs, which is pretty...
  14. Yggdra

    Astrid S

    Oh this slaps!
  15. Yggdra

    Lady Gaga - Dawn of Chromatica

    Sine from Above is massive, not even Elton can flaw it.
  16. Yggdra

    Charli XCX - How I'm Feeling Now

    I listened to the entire album on speakers this morning and I was so underwhelmed with it all. Then relistened tonight with headphones and I gotta say... she fucking did that. Don't know what the hell I was thinking this morning, but the album is such a rush of all kinds of emotions, it's a very...
  17. Yggdra

    Lady Gaga - Dawn of Chromatica

    Thank you so much, I just grabbed a copy!
  18. Yggdra

    Empress Of - "Kiss Me" (Sep 25) + General Discussion

    This morning I had my first listen to this album, and I've had a couple more listens since. Overall it's a very pleasant album and I am looking forward to more repeated listens to pay more attention to the production details and lyrics. One thing I have to say is how terrible "Should've" is. I...
  19. Yggdra

    Alice Boman – The Space Between (2nd album feat. Perfume Genius)

    Thanks for the tag! Looking forward to diving into this album, I kinda lost track of her after Skisser, but I still listen to Waiting somewhat regularly. I have a feeling she'll pleasantly surprise me.
  20. Yggdra

    MUNA - Saves the World

    Yikes, that mixing is not doing them any favours...