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  1. D.Jay

    Kylie Minogue - Tension

    Never ordered something so quickly! Secured the test pressing.
  2. D.Jay

    Kylie Minogue - Tension

    I need this on vinyl, but are we expecting signed vinyls again like they did for Disco?
  3. D.Jay

    Tove Lo - Dirt Femme (Extended Cut)

    Wish she would play another London date. Both times I was meant to see her recently at Somerset House and All Points East, she pulled out or it got cancelled.
  4. D.Jay

    Troye Sivan - “Got Me Started” + Something to Give Each Other (Oct 13)

    This is shaping up to be quite the record. He's 2/2 for both songs and visuals. That metallic silver outfit was a MOMENT.
  5. D.Jay

    Lorde - 4th Album

    I assume it's not a shift at Tesco, although it did cross my mind now she's living in London ddd
  6. D.Jay

    Charlotte Cardin - 99 Nights + General Discussion

    ‘Feel Good’ is an absolute banger and the video is gorgeous. My god, she was magnificent when I saw her at KOKO this week. An absolute star. She needs to get on the UK/Europe festival circuit stat and play Glasto next year! Also so excited that even more music is coming in November, according...
  7. D.Jay

    Ellie Goulding - Higher Than Heaven

  8. D.Jay

    Kylie Minogue - Tension

    Honestly, the Albert Hall website is the WORST. Why could they have just not run a ballot?!
  9. D.Jay

    Jorja Smith - Falling or Flying (Sep 29)

    Another phenomenal song. This is really shaping up to be quite the album.
  10. D.Jay

    HAIM - 4th Album

    They are trying to kill me with a potential Jai Paul production. Two faves crossing paths x
  11. D.Jay


    They were absolutely phenomenal last night. I felt such an overwhelming sense of pride and admiration seeing them headline a London festival after first seeing them in a small venue in Birmingham back in 2013. The biggest gag was ending up at the barrier after Girl In Red's moshpit. I also...
  12. D.Jay

    Dua Lipa - "Dance the Night" + 3rd Album

    Not this finally going to number one the day I finally saw the Barbie film. That’s camp!
  13. D.Jay

    Dua Lipa - "Dance the Night" + 3rd Album

    Ha Fame Monster is coming. No but seriously, these visuals (and the hints of Kevin Parker working on DL3) has me gagged.
  14. D.Jay

    Leigh-Anne - "My Love" (feat. Ayra Starr) + Debut Album

    This coming out before Carnival weekend would be a slay
  15. D.Jay

    Mae Muller - Sorry I'm Late (Sep 29)

    Factors out of her control tell me it was pulled by the label or management. Maybe they didn't want to risk further damage to her live reputation?
  16. D.Jay

    Katy Perry - 6th Album

    The styling for the Chained To The Rhythm campaign was really iconic. Such a shame it then took such a downturn. It just oozed edgy pop (which I think was the aim?) I do also stand by the idea that the Witness era would have been far more successful if it had such continuation. There’s always...
  17. D.Jay

    Dua Lipa - "Dance the Night" + 3rd Album

    The lack of free Dua-livery makes me not want to order.
  18. D.Jay

    Mae Muller - Sorry I'm Late (Sep 29)

    Is the album scrapped too then? Expecting it to be tbh
  19. D.Jay

    Lorde - 4th Album

    Yeah, these both sound like a return to form! Invisible Ink is major