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  1. sergioesludico

    Selena Gomez - "Single Soon"

    Popjustice first impressions not embracing this...That means is gonna be huge
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    She’s the coolest.
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    Spoiler Alert: Drag Race España T Thread

    She has grown a lot (in Drag Race standards) She was always a great one, just not suit for the format. As intelligent as she is, she will be prepared this time and showcase her talents. Mark my words
  4. sergioesludico

    RuPaul's Drag Race (US)

    Snatch Game? She was literally Top 3 even second best
  5. sergioesludico

    The Scream Franchise

    Do we know if Scream VI is shaping to be one of the most succesful sequels with “VI “ in the title?
  6. sergioesludico

    Miley Cyrus - Endless Summer Vacation + "Used to Be Young"

    I played last Saturday in Yass Barcelona and dancefloor absolutely elevates it (and actually worked surprisingly well for a new/not Spanish song)
  7. sergioesludico

    Australian Survivor

    Thank you very very much
  8. sergioesludico

    Tove Lo - Dirt Femme (Extended Cut)

    Actually, True Romance was one of the absolute highlights from the last summer tour.
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    Australian Survivor

    I'm willing to start Australian Survivor and need some help, please. Is there any essential seasons that I should not miss? Which will be the ideal itinerary? There's a few and I'd love to have a taste without seeing all of them (unless you told me that It really worths it) I tried to read the...
  10. sergioesludico

    RuPaul's Drag Race (US)

    This episode’s Untucked is mandatory. Genuinely heartfelt and such a waste opportunity not tu use some parts of it in the main one
  11. sergioesludico

    Mabel - About Last Night... (The Concept Album)

    I did what needed to be done (It also goes extremely well after An1mal de Lola Índigo sonically and thematically
  12. sergioesludico

    Tate McRae - "greedy" + General Discussion

    She is outstanding The end of the performace givin golden years Britney in as good as any of their back up dancers
  13. sergioesludico

    Tinashe - BB/ANG3L

    Me too. All my friends is one of a kind. Such a cheer/anthem type song but involves a sense of loneliness quite deep. It’s euphoric & sad at the same time. And her voice GLOWS, the middle 8 in particular Chef’s Kiss
  14. sergioesludico

    Survivor: S45 & 46

    Could be Ryan’s strategy/acting skills the worst in the last decade? How could he feel so entitled to think THAT would work?
  15. sergioesludico

    Tinashe - BB/ANG3L

    Also Pasadena who comes extra alive, live.
  16. sergioesludico

    Britney Spears

    Those are exquisite
  17. sergioesludico

    Lola Indigo - EL DRAGÓN

    Oh my! That's a no brainer
  18. sergioesludico

    Boys World - "Piña Colada" + General Discussion

    I love them. They have EVERYTHING to start a new era of (western) girlbands along the edgier style of FLO and reignite our very much needed hearts. Fingers crossed
  19. sergioesludico

    Primavera Festival 2023

    As always have been avoid go to the toilet and drinks between the two biggest acts in betweej the two biggest stages There was a lot of people, I’d say similar to their biggest Day (Rosalia’s 2019) but just in the same moment and place. The rest of the Festival was as fun and good vibes as...