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  1. LE0Night

    Ambient Music

    I'd always held out hope that one day they would just gently re-materialize out of the ether with more music to share, but I'm very grateful for what we got. Those two albums in particular have both been with me for a very long time now and remain two of the most beautiful and just flat out...
  2. LE0Night


    @A&E @NecessaryVoodoo xx Plus any and all resident Jenny Hval/von Hausswolff fans. It's been a while but her last album was lovely little Sussie Sandfjord-adjacent alt-AC gem.
  3. LE0Night

    Art School Girlfriend

    I thought they'd passed on her, honestly, a pretty brief review by their standards but still, good for her. When the first couple of singles came out I briefly worried she had (or had been) rushed into a sequel for presences sake and hadn't gotten the time to develop much, but I shouldn't...
  4. LE0Night

    RuPaul's Drag Race (US)

    This was delightful.
  5. LE0Night

    Belén Aguilera - METANOIA (Spanish electropop excellence)

    Nn, I love her. Pero te juro que yo- NO! Y que eso no es nada bue- NO! ~ooh-ooh~ @Jonathan27 @Andy French @Crisp X @Trouble in Paradise @enjoy @A&E @Verseau et al. bop bop bop
  6. LE0Night

    Yunè Pinku - BABYLON IX

  7. LE0Night

    Julie Byrne - Not Even Happiness/The Greater Wings

    Another one, thank you.
  8. LE0Night

    Caroline Polachek - Desire, I Want to Turn Into You

    Doss and Nikki Nair versions also included.
  9. LE0Night

    Forest Swords

    Paging @bestinase
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    Happy LOONA liberation day for those who celebrate. Happy first Sigur Rös album in a decade too, I guess, but girls, I am, uh... I want to believe, but having read the immediate coverage/heard the first single (and Jonsi's last two albums (and glossed over the sheer volumes of fuckery...
  11. LE0Night

    Arca - kick ii + kick iii + kick iiii + kick iiiii + kick

    Now hold the fuck up.
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    Babe your embeds will pop if you delete the ones in the quote, but yes, I endorse all of these recommendations. If only because I, uh recognize quite a few of them. Hehe. Nn, hold up. This was during peak two-and-half-first-seasons of Grey's Anatomy coffee-house pop mania, was it not, I'm...
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    Babe, wake up, the annual COBRAH banger is about to drop.
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    Bonjour, et al. We smell budding talent, yes. Debuted just a few weeks ago, I think she's Italian but I believe she might be doing a Gladiator (Ending Theme) and just vibing phonetically, so to speak. I don't know, I'm not about that Duolingo life. Think Mabe Fratti and/or the more sober...
  15. LE0Night

    Video Games

    Por que no los dos, though.
  16. LE0Night

    Yunè Pinku - BABYLON IX

    Nn, let me at least bump the threads I've been too comatose to make myself. @Jonathan27 @Trouble in Paradise @Island @Kuhleezi @Crisp X et. al. @Petty Mayonnaise you still here, girl? those single covers and she picked that for the Bluff EP, oh dear While Grimes is on her tenth "Does...
  17. LE0Night

    Shoegaze (revival of sorts)

    Thinking about love (thinking about love) etc.
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    Is this them finally dropping some story deets or what.
  19. LE0Night

    Chelsea Wolfe

    In terms of out-of-left-field entries in the category of Niche Venn Diagram Overlaps, I didn't think anything could ever top "Björk & Katya are mutual stans", but If I said I was tired of podcasts I don't said it bc I did. No I didn't <3...