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    K-Pop (General Discussion)

    Not the Monotype Corsiva ññ it's so 1998

    What K-Pop song are you listening to right now?


    Eurovision 2024

    Her usual style is like that: Can't wait to see what will she bring to the table. Probably a dance track with a dance break though!

    K-Pop (General Discussion)

    This is chill and nice, getting the "I'm unhappy" vibes a little. Visuals are cool. And this is a cute bop!

    Drag Race France

    I started watching this series after reading this comment so thank you @Dangerous Maknae xx I'm kinda hesitant about global franchises and after binging 2 seasons at once, I saw what I missed. This show is so good at every level: Almost every contestant is oozing with talent, personality...

    Poppy - “Motorbike” + Zig (Oct 27) [VROOM VROOM]

    Motorbike is currently my new jam. Can't wait the full album.

    Drag Race Down Under

    Qween Kong serving body and giving spice, girl I AM livinnnnng. The light on Ru and Michelle's face from interviews to make any details go away is sending me ddd Spankie Jackson just existing in the workroom already did make the quality go up. The impact! Well deserved winner and a nice final...

    Melodifestivalen: The Golden Years (2006-2010) Rate: EXTENSION until Sep 30th

    Definitely didn't forget! The process of listening is a bit slower than I planned to, but I'm currently on 2009. Will send asap hopefully.

    K-Popjustice Charts ≋ August 2023 Edition ≋ Complete Results

    The ideal top 5 which is giving mother.
  10. YRSHKD

    K-SLASHERS IV : Law of the Jungle (FOKIN DELAYED)

    I'm so stupid at these game concepts, I can't even properly play Town of Salem... ddd I'll be having fun as a viewer though!
  11. YRSHKD

    What K-Pop song are you listening to right now?

    They invented mothering with that one:
  12. YRSHKD

    Drag Race Down Under

    What was even that ññ just reveal the winner and let us go already
  13. YRSHKD

    K-Pop (General Discussion)

    He's so true for this.
  14. YRSHKD

    K-Popjustice Charts ≋ August 2023 Edition ≋ Complete Results

    Let me give some votes chile.. Edit: Why are there so many good releases this month fff!
  15. YRSHKD

    K-Pop (General Discussion)

    "Tropical Light" is giving Adobe Photoshop CS4 text design tutorial from 2009 YouTube...
  16. YRSHKD

    SKAAR - 'Mad Woman, Pt. 1'

    Can't wait! Loving her musical style.
  17. YRSHKD

    Your Album Collages!

  18. YRSHKD

    Drag Race Down Under

    Let's just end this with top 4 grand finale
  19. YRSHKD


    Loving their music! Why Do You Care is the definite favorite.
  20. YRSHKD

    ₍ᐢᐢ₎‎ ‎NewJeans - 2nd EP 'Get Up'

    Even though the whole package is 12 mins long, I'm also surprised it became my daily routine OST: Working, walking, transporting, showering, cooking or just resting. This is the impact we're experiencing.