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  1. Enrique Garcia

    Kylie Minogue - Tension

    I see what you mean, and Slayyyter is definitely a Kylie alumn but they have very different personas and concepts for these albums. Slayyyter’s take on pop music is a lot more in-your-face and risqué I feel, but she definitely embodies Kylie on some tracks.
  2. Enrique Garcia

    Kylie Minogue - Tension

    I don’t know if it’s because Starfucker left me bald, but I’m a bit…whelmed by this? The singles and Hold On To Now remain 10s, and I also like One More Time and Hands, but everything else just plays a bit safe. I mean it’s not like Padam and Tension are new territory for her, but there’s still...
  3. Enrique Garcia

    Slayyyter - STARFUCKER

    Oh I've been so perched for this release all week and not listening to the leak definitely paid off. When Troubled Paradise leaked like 5 months before release I listened to it a few times to the point that it was kind of uneventful for me when it came out, so I didn't want to do the same for...
  4. Enrique Garcia

    LANY - gg bb xx + General Discussion

    doing too much for an album that is going to be dead on arrival for me, like out of all their releases this is the one I’m the least excited for, and this is coming from someone who’s followed them since the I Loved You EP and has seen them live multiple times. I hope the album ends up...
  5. Enrique Garcia

    LANY - gg bb xx + General Discussion

    this…literally makes no sense?? like I imagine their team wanting to bang their heads against a wall considering so many physicals with the previous title and artwork have been produced now and ordered
  6. Enrique Garcia

    Tinashe - BB/ANG3L

    I don't understand the lukewarm reaction this has been having on here, I pretty much enjoyed the whole thing. It's a lot more laid back and toned down than some of the previous albums but it's still very much her. Gravity has been the standout track for me so far, it's so gorgeous and lush.
  7. Enrique Garcia

    Tinashe - BB/ANG3L

    haven’t listened to the album yet but my questions are: why did she sign with Nice Life if we’re getting the same level of promo/push as we were when she was independent? even the budget for the videos could have been a little better I think… also has she officially confirmed the project is...
  8. Enrique Garcia

    Tove Lo - Dirt Femme (Extended Cut)

    Elevator Eyes really a grower, not a shower huh? I wonder if she didn't put out 2 Die 4 extended because of the Oscar Torres producer fee or something, even though the album did extremely well and had some great numbers on streaming for an independent release
  9. Enrique Garcia

    Tinashe - BB/ANG3L

    I mean I do hate a 2-part release as much as some of y'all, but we know it's going to be an amazing project cause it's Tinashe. As long as she drops it early next year, I'm cool with it.
  10. Enrique Garcia

    Tinashe - BB/ANG3L

    Something I love about Tinashe is that you never know what you're going to get from her sonically with her lead singles. it could be anything from a club banger (Die a Little Bit), a drum n bass summer track (Pasadena), to a moody R&B bop (Company, Talk To Me Nice). I know she's always going to...
  11. Enrique Garcia

    Troye Sivan - “Got Me Started” + Something to Give Each Other (Oct 13)

    After seeing all the online discourse about the music video and its lack of diversity (and I think all the criticism is valid), I just find it funny how queer people and every other marginalized group are held to a much higher standard than other artists. Like Troye making a video full of white...
  12. Enrique Garcia

    LANY - gg bb xx + General Discussion

    My only issue with them has been the single choices the last few albums. I know there are going to be way more interesting songs on the album when I hear it in full, the artworks remain on point tho.
  13. Enrique Garcia

    Kesha - Gag Order

    as much as I think this is most likely the easier path for her after years of litigation, this "joint" statement is disappointing to say the least. even more disappointing when you remember his new protégé has an album coming out tonight. talk about timing, huh?
  14. Enrique Garcia

    Emilia - Argentinian sensation

    have really gotten into her this past year and I love how she's always selling it in the videos and performances, I know the y2k aesthetic has been really overdone by now but I've been digging the videos so far
  15. Enrique Garcia

    Kiana Ledé - Grudges + General Discussion

    the album’s great but suffers from the same problem Kiki does, it’s a bit bloated. it would be a great 12 or 13-track album, but good for her for getting out there since Republic looks like they don’t give two fucks about promoting her or the album.
  16. Enrique Garcia

    Normani - "Fair" + General Discussion

    it’s not “admirable” when she has given us one of the best songs and videos of 2021 and it’s such an amazing and magnetic performer. I was actually listening and rewatching the Wild Side video today thinking about how we got robbed of having her become the next main pop girl, so good to know...
  17. Enrique Garcia

    Sophie Cates - walking the dogs + Debut Album

    it’s out and it’s so good, she did it again
  18. Enrique Garcia

    BEYONCÉ - RENAISSANCE World Tour 2023

    I’ve always followed her and have been a fan, but I have to say that after this era and this tour I’m a full blown stan (and she hasn’t even released the visuals yet!). Like I think she’s literally at one of her creative peaks. Seeing her in Barcelona this week just confirmed that there’s no one...
  19. Enrique Garcia

    Sophie Cates - walking the dogs + Debut Album

    everything she's been teasing sounds amazing
  20. Enrique Garcia

    Kylie Minogue - Tension

    the extended mix doesn’t really do much for me, it doesn’t add anything new like a bridge or something, it drags on a bit