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    Stock, Aitken & Waterman

    PWL Big Hits and Surprises 3CD, out 17 November. Track list on Townsend. There’s vinyl too.
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    Cream (Take 2)
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    The Reissue Thread!

    The next Arthur Baker Presents Dance Masters - John Luongo has been announced for 17 November. Tracklist:
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    Also up: Gosh, I'm SO excited for this project. It was the first Prince album I got back in the day (on cassette), so this era holds a special place. So much vault material. What a dream release.
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    All the details confirmed on superdeluxeedition: £160 for the Super Deluxe 7CD+Blu. Blu-ray with Atmos mix of the album also available (£22 at HMV) - not in the box.
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    No mention of this, so it seems unlikely. For You is more of a curio to me rather than essential. It's the Prince album I've played the least anyway.
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    No - straight repress of the originals.
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    He also remixed I’ll Remember, 3-4 different mixes.
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    George Michael

    Agree, although it’s on Blank & Jones So80’s Volume 8 compilation I believe
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    Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Hana

    Same. Very disappointing.
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    I got mine here:
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    Placebo - Never Let Me Go (8th Album) + General Discussion

    This is definitely their best album since Meds in 2006. Really enjoying Hugz, Happy Birthday To The Sky, Twin Demons and Sad White Reggae. The album is pretty consistent overall. I didn’t enjoy the last two albums so this is a real return to form. I hadn’t realised it was so long since Meds...
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    Boy George & Culture Club

    CD preorder for the album:
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    Little Boots

    I can't bear the album version of Every Night I Say A Prayer compared to the single version. Something has definitely been removed from the album mix but I can't quite put my finger on it, it's bothered me for years!
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    Little Boots

    I've been following on Patreon for the whole creative process and she's really taken the time to put together something great. The tracks we've heard so far are bangers!
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    Saint Etienne

    Ordered. Easy.
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    The Reissue Thread!

    With this much quality stuff on there, it's amazing to think there's still no room for Cathy Dennis, Tina Turner, Janet Jackson, Prince, Seal, Shakespears Sister, Mariah Carey - probably lots of licensing issues, but enough amazing work for a volume 2 and probably 3! What a guy.
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    The Reissue Thread!

    At least they got Ooh I Love It (Love Break), which has a link to Vogue
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    He did release 1999: The New Master EP (just the title song re-recorded, with remixes - it's not great) and said on one of his various websites he was going to re-record the rest of his albums, but never did (that we know about anyway). An article about it...
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    David Bowie

    Most of Toy was made available as B-Sides/extra tracks during the Heathen and Nothing Has Changed periods, but would be nice to have it together with the unreleased recordings as full album.