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  1. Quimogen

    Doctor Who

    This started playing on YouTube and until David showed up, I thought it was a trailer for a movie. Can’t wait for this. I always loved Donna.
  2. Quimogen

    Kylie Minogue - Tension

    Okay, now I’m loving Green Light, Hands, Just Imagine, and Love Train. I’d even bump 10 Out Of 10 up to an 8/10. It really is the closest to Padam and Tension, so I see why they included it and it doesn’t feel out of place at all after a few listens. It’s just bop after bop after bop.
  3. Quimogen

    Kylie Minogue - Tension

    I hadn’t thought of that, but you’re right. I can totally hear it.
  4. Quimogen

    Kylie Minogue - Tension

    She is SPOILING us right now.
  5. Quimogen

    Kylie Minogue - Tension

    Just finished my first full play through and I’m loving it. It really has no business being as fun and carefree as it is, but we have a bop fest on our hands. I’m all for a quirky Kylie moment or two (or more). I did have some reservations about Love Train, and the clip of Hands I heard made me...
  6. Quimogen

    Kylie Minogue - Tension

    Really excited to listen to this as soon as it drops on Apple Music. I’m even allowing notifications for the night so I can listen as soon as it’s available. I gave the clips and LQ leaks a break a while back so I could enjoy it in full. I think I managed to allow what I heard to build up enough...
  7. Quimogen

    The Traitors (BBC1)

    I must be one of the few Americans who isn’t excited by this. My fiancé watches a lot of reality TV, so I know a lot of these people through him and seeing them regularly. I liked the first season, primarily because the cast wasn’t completely filled with television personalities. I preferred the...
  8. Quimogen

    Kylie Minogue - Tension

    I’ve avoided the full leak and I’m going to until Friday, but this excites me.
  9. Quimogen

    Sugababes - "When the Rain Comes" + 9th Album

    Ok now, I love this. Bring on the new era.
  10. Quimogen

    S Club - “These Are the Days” + The Good Times Tour

    Well, I caved and got tickets for Chicago! S Club were one of my favorites as a teen. I never thought I’d see the day where they would do shows in the states, let alone that they would be so close. I just can’t pass it up. I struggled whether I should grab them presale or wait to see if I could...
  11. Quimogen

    Kylie Minogue - Tension

    Debating whether I should get the Tension cassingle and I find the Padam mixtape when I thought it had sold out. Was it only available in the UK initially? I don’t remember it being available on the global store.
  12. Quimogen

    Agnetha Fältskog - "Where Do We Go From Here?" & A+ (Oct 13)

    She could sing the telephone book and I’d still be happy. This is great!
  13. Quimogen


    Just got my tickets for Minneapolis! I’ve been so jealous watching all the videos of their performances the last few years and I didn’t think they’d ever be close enough to see them live. It doesn’t feel real at this point, but I’m so fucking excited!
  14. Quimogen

    Claire Richards - Euphoria

    I’ve been listening to this a lot today, playing in the background, but I’m waiting for the vinyl to be delivered to really have a good listen on Thursday. It is a bit paint by numbers in some spots, but the song selection is perfect and I don’t really have any complaints for it being a cover...
  15. Quimogen

    Sugababes - The Lost Tapes (Deluxe)

    Really glad I nabbed a copy of the black vinyl before they all sell out. I’d have really regretted missing out on a physical copy. It’s going to be getting some massive plays as soon as it’s here.
  16. Quimogen

    Kylie Minogue - Tension

    Correct. I can’t believe how ridiculous this has been. I don’t blame Kylie at all, for obvious reasons, but to get to selecting how many GA tickets I would be buying and the site going down shortly after. Infuriating. I gave it my best, but trying again and again just to be charged $200 more to...
  17. Quimogen

    Kylie Minogue - Tension

    It really depends on the show. Some stages aren’t very big, but others can be pretty sizeable. The main difference I’ve noticed is without the big gaps between the audience and stage, even a smaller venue can have a decent sized stage.
  18. Quimogen

    Kylie Minogue - Tension

    Listening to it, my mind went right to The Breakfast Club and the dancing sequence.
  19. Quimogen

    Kylie Minogue - Tension

    I’m going to go back on my last statement and say that Tension is definitely better than Things We Do For Love. I don’t think I was awake enough before, but damn what a song.
  20. Quimogen

    Kylie Minogue - Tension

    I’m mean, they’re both great. I totally get what was being said about Tension sounding like different songs in one. It’s a vibe. I love it. But Things We Do For Love is my favorite of the two. Tension is right up there, though. This isn’t Madonna hate at all, because I love her as much as...