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  1. sometimesxtc

    Stock, Aitken & Waterman

    Finer Feelings?!?
  2. sometimesxtc

    Random Thoughts

    I still have Like a Prayer and the Nanas greatest hits casetttes in the glove box of the car “in case of emergency” but I think the sun / overplaying took them out years ago.
  3. sometimesxtc

    Random Thoughts

    Bjorn Again Flashdance cassingle. Happy 10th birthday to me.
  4. sometimesxtc

    Random Thoughts

    Air fried broccoli is the one
  5. sometimesxtc

    PopJustice Book Club

    I have just started the new Naomi Klein which so far seems equally niche and amazing.
  6. sometimesxtc

    Buying / Renting / Sharing Housing

    It’s been a while for me, but my experience was that living with casual acquaintances is almost better than actual friends. I think age / where people are at probably play a big role in things too.
  7. sometimesxtc

    Random Thoughts

    I think the lockdowns have ruined “going out” coffee for me. Unless it’s my own brand of cheap beans I’ve made at home with too much water I’m like what is this thick, bitter, tepid garbage and why are you all paying for it.
  8. sometimesxtc

    Random Thoughts

    It was honestly terrible and cringe then… I have no idea what the sustained interest is about. Give me sweaty Enrique in a beanie any day.
  9. sometimesxtc

    Random Thoughts

    My partner left my percolator at an air bnb last weekend and I threw the most apocalyptic fit and now he’s arranging for it to be couriered back home. I think it cost me about $18 20 years ago and honestly pretending to still be mad about it is exhausting.
  10. sometimesxtc

    Australian Politics

    The Parliament will decide how the voice works, is structured and ultimately the level of influence it will have. This has always been plainly stated and why the statement is as plainly put as it is. All of these “it’s not clear to me” ABC24 hot takes are what is actually feeding into the...
  11. sometimesxtc

    RuPaul's Drag Race UK

    Veronica is an icon of the franchise! I will never get her short shorts / S&M gear out of my head.
  12. sometimesxtc

    Older albums you're loving today.

    Nude is top tier DOA!
  13. sometimesxtc

    Drag Race Down Under

    Elllllooooooooo! (It was a MASSIVE hit here and strikes a weirdly nostalgic chord) But yes the energy completely sucks and discounts Holly’s years of performing on stage (at the highest level) out of drag.
  14. sometimesxtc

    Drag Race Down Under

    “Sing it everybody!”
  15. sometimesxtc

    Australian Politics

    Me too. Also from what I understand (and could be wrong?) the Voice can't be instated into the constitution - which means it can't be dissolved at whim by the government of the day like ATSIC - and which is why it must go to another regrettably divisive referendum. I would note though, that...
  16. sometimesxtc

    Drag Race Down Under

    I was rooting for Flor! Isis was great but 12 hours later I honestly can't remember anything other than the rhythmic gymnastics ribbon moment.
  17. sometimesxtc

    Drag Race Down Under

    I feel like Gab is leaning into the “I know my stagey confidence is probably annoying” vibe and I’m here for it. It’s also the complete opposite of the typical Aussie personality which I find makes it funnier all around.
  18. sometimesxtc


    OK now feels like appropriate time to share that I have had VERY STRONG feelings about the guy on the A Little Soul / Hardcore album insert since 1998.
  19. sometimesxtc

    Sex and the City

    I thought the Miranda / Che arc ended reasonably well, or at least believably enough... given their track record (and also many people's first queer flings...). Though I did want to yell at them for giving Miranda the cutesy "we were a mess" line, when in reality they basically did whatever...
  20. sometimesxtc

    Drag Race France

    L’Esprit de l’Eau