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  1. electroplate

    FKA Twigs - Caprisongs

    Well that was a boring song. Not nearly as good as her previous stuff.
  2. electroplate

    Grimes - "Music 4 Machines" + Album(s)

    Agree 100% ... the beat is so basic I was wondering whether it's supposed to be ironic.
  3. electroplate


    I like it but it sounds like something that would have been on trend in 2016.
  4. electroplate

    La Roux - Supervision

    I just relistened to this album tonight and I can't believe how bad it is. Trouble in Paradise is a masterpiece (Paradise Is You, esp the last two minutes, is probably my favourite piece of music ever)...its hard to imagine someone can fall this far only one album later. It doesn't seem like...
  5. electroplate

    Britney Spears

    Have there been any attempts to remaster/fix the audio from the Onyx Hotel Tour Live From Miami? It's a good tour and I like the visuals from that show, but the sound mixing is AWFUL. It ruins it and saps the energy.
  6. electroplate

    Britney Spears

    I dont really understand what she would be so mad about with her sister? She always seemed to have a lot of love for her.
  7. electroplate

    Britney Spears

    Can anyone find the full interview?
  8. electroplate

    Times When The Critics Got It Wrong

    Fiona Apple's most recent album was bad. It has none of the highlights of her previous releases. I don't know how it got such good reviews, including a 10 on Pitchfork while The Idler Wheel gets a 9?!?
  9. electroplate

    Demi Lovato - Dancing With the Devil: The Art of Starting Over

    There's lots of medical reasons someone may buy sugar free products beyond just weight loss. For them, it might be nice to have those options readily displayed. She's calling out a small business with 5k followers to her 100m+ followers for something so inconsequential. She's an idiot.
  10. electroplate

    Big Brother / Celebrity Big Brother UK

    Pete was talking about this with Sky News this morning. The fact that Nikki was in really bad shape during the first lockdown too and she called Pete asking him to come get her really breaks my heart. All those years later she still felt closest to some of the people she had met from Big Brother.
  11. electroplate


    I'm feeling depressed with the combination of covid and winter. I live alone, and my country is in lockdown, so It's pretty much total isolation right. Anyone else finding things really challenging right now?
  12. electroplate

    Grimes - Miss Anthropocene

    This sounds so good.
  13. electroplate

    Britney Spears - Glory

    The way she looks absolutely terrified whenever the fans come on stage and her dancers creating a barrier between them sends me.
  14. electroplate

    Grimes - Miss Anthropocene

    Anyone know if this album will be on Spotify? I don't see it there yet.
  15. electroplate

    Grimes - Miss Anthropocene

    New song!
  16. electroplate

    PopJustice News Network (PJNN): U.S. Politics Channel

    Judy Shelton's nomination to the Federal Reserve Board is being voted on today. It will be close with Kamala possibly being the deciding vote against her nomination. She'd be a really bizarre choice for the board and holds some archaic views, like a return to a gold standard and an inflation...
  17. electroplate

    PopJustice News Network (PJNN): U.S. Politics Channel

    I hope this is right!
  18. electroplate

    PopJustice News Network (PJNN): U.S. Politics Channel

    That sounds like a lot. do we know how many votes are left to count?
  19. electroplate

    PopJustice News Network (PJNN): U.S. Politics Channel

    I can't believe how long it takes to count votes in America...
  20. electroplate

    PopJustice News Network (PJNN): U.S. Politics Channel

    Apparently there was an error in the reports of Arizona's vote. There's more ballots to be counted and they are in person votes which lean R. Arizona could still go for Trump but that should be okay as long as PA or Georgia keep trending toward Biden...