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  1. undisco_me

    PetJustice Song Contest - 130 - Voting Until 25/9/23

    Changed my 12 - one song in particular has totally taken over my current listening cravings.
  2. undisco_me

    PJ Retro 92: One Word Edition, Vol. 2 (Reveals happening now!)

    Oh damn. I should have just attached ONE WORD to each of the songs on the undisco_me scorecard as per the theme, but I may have attached about 10-15 instead. Oh well, it's over now and whatever song I entered was better than at least 4 of the songs I deemed pointable, so there!
  3. undisco_me

    Girls Aloud

    I think I'll start referring to my own physical collections that way.
  4. undisco_me

    Rosie Ribbons

    Belatedly tried the album. The Good Thing was my only keeper. Swanky.
  5. undisco_me

    Hole/Courtney Love

    It genuinely seems like she's put a lot of effort into it and for that reason alone I am happy to wait however long it takes. And yet it really has been so long at this point. I thought Nobody's Daughter was largely a rather fine album indeed, but I did think it was a bit too self-consciously...
  6. undisco_me

    Hole/Courtney Love

    It was in context actually.
  7. undisco_me


    Fester and Vermin. Okay, I know how I'll be referring to them from now on.
  8. undisco_me


    I've often thought they'd work so well together - CH ER could easily have done One More Time. Sigh.
  9. undisco_me

    Madonna - The Celebration Tour 2023

    I sure hope not.
  10. undisco_me


    Can we throw one through their window? Lil' Lou and Kween Kéllé to form a duo for a forthcoming "My Lord We Do Believe In Human Rights" tour please.
  11. undisco_me


    Why would you still give them praise if that's their beliefs? I'd simply never acknowledge them ever again. And has the allegedly not so easy V been vocal on the socials?
  12. undisco_me

    Hole/Courtney Love

    I got the Korn album on the strength of Got the Life having a chorus, but ended up only using the album when annoyed at my parents. Not for me. Freak was absolutely huge on MTV.
  13. undisco_me

    Hole/Courtney Love

    I was all for coming in here and trampling on the nu-metal theory, but wikipedia has slapped me in the face like standing on a rake with some cold hard facts and 1999 seems to have been when an act that won't be named (vom will come up and I'll be put off my rich teas for life - that last crumb...
  14. undisco_me

    PJ00s+ #60

    Oh what did you win with?
  15. undisco_me


    Cher does Dusty would be quite the project. I hope it was a batshit banger treatment of Reputation or In Private with the PSB producing if it was the latter (their Elton version would probably have been a good fit for her).
  16. undisco_me

    Hole/Courtney Love

    Awful was the correct 3rd single, but just a shame no proper video. Radio would have indeed been a glorious finale, but Heaven Tonight would have been an instead of option since it offers more of a different slice than the cali-surf pop stuff that they were admittedly doing incredible with...
  17. undisco_me


    Finished Pikmin 4. Tempted to go back to P3 on my Wii U or get the 1&2HD set as I already miss it.
  18. undisco_me

    PJ Retro 92: One Word Edition, Vol. 2 (Reveals happening now!)

    I've shortlisted, but not long-listened, so it's:
  19. undisco_me


    I feel as if the McDonalds thing was a mistake, but also a camouflage for the album doing not bad at all there? What really shocked me was that in 1999 with their big fizzy pop album they didn't hit big again - their big singles really held their own against similar pop blockbuster bangers from...
  20. undisco_me

    The Comeback (Lisa Kudrow)

    Maybe she could have a new hair dresser every episode because... she's Val and they can't take it. Love the Broadway idea. Even if it never does come back (*guffaw*) I'm really satisfied with both seasons. I just can't believe she didn't sweep the awards shows either time. We were absolutely...