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  1. Hudvar

    Agnetha Fältskog - "Where Do We Go From Here?" & A+ (Oct 13)

    What is this bossa-nova monstrosity?
  2. Hudvar

    PJ00s+ #60

    Three of my former entries? Icons only.
  3. Hudvar


    Same! Her whole schtick feels forced.
  4. Hudvar

    PJ00s+ #60

    What are the dates on voting? I’m working away atm.
  5. Hudvar

    The Streaming Wars

    Watching 4od the other day, I got five consecutive ads for streaming services: Disney, Lionsgate+, two for AppleTV, and one that literally advertised nothing it contained, just a strobe-edit of random scenes, from which I picked out only what looked like Sex and the City and an old Lindsay Lohan...
  6. Hudvar

    Kylie Minogue - Tension

    Kylie sings: "Ragin' hard on the inside" and I just hear "Raging hard-on."
  7. Hudvar

    Kylie Minogue - Tension

    Are the pipes/ flutes (?) in One More Time sampled from The Hustle?
  8. Hudvar

    Kylie Minogue - Tension

    Are those candles £60!?
  9. Hudvar

    Sex Education

    So glad to have this back!
  10. Hudvar

    Kylie Minogue - Tension

    The sweet eighties nectar of Things We Do For Love.
  11. Hudvar

    The Traitors (BBC1)

    But is it Alan Cumming again and his fifty thousand doo-lahs?
  12. Hudvar

    Cancelled Singles of the 90s & 00s

    Not in London - I can remember both being £3.99 and a friend saying "fuck it" in regards to picking up both. His strop in HMV was legendary.
  13. Hudvar

    Cancelled Singles of the 90s & 00s

    If only those discs had been £2.99 eh?
  14. Hudvar

    Cancelled Singles of the 90s & 00s

    But from Claire's comment and the time they were irked that one of their singles charted a week early due a stock/shipping issue and was denied No. 1, they weren't getting the chart positions they wanted / thought they deserved. Same for when they failed to dislodge Ricky Martin off the top in a...
  15. Hudvar

    PJ Retro 92: One Word Edition, Vol. 2 (Reveals happening now!)

    Glad someone got Jade in - I got vetoed on that twice. Hope you win whoever you are! xx
  16. Hudvar


    Didn't the US label change ownership or management and whomever ran their stuff didn't like them so blocked the release of Crash! Boom! Bang! and did that McDonald's thing?
  17. Hudvar


    I met my therapist today and he turned out to be awesome. As soon as I noticed the Jaws mug I knew we would be a good fit.
  18. Hudvar


    ...and for memories of yesterday
  19. Hudvar


    Dedicating this to myself:
  20. Hudvar


    I managed to get past the finish line after two weeks!!! It was heavy handed, poundy, and not that great, but relieved everything still works.