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    Tinashe - Nightride / Joyride

    I found it bizarre she didn't put Nightride on Spotify, surely an artist like Tinashe will make more money from streaming, than the 312 people that will buy her album.
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    Selena Gomez - Revival

    Selena might not be the most engaging popstar, but she has Hands to Myself and Love You Like a Love Song in her discography, enough said. Revival remains amazing.
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    Britney Spears - Glory

    I'm not sure what it's like for the people there, but this just isn't translating well on screen.. it's all a bit flat, especially compared to iheart.
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    Beyoncé - The Formation World Tour

    Did Beyonce add anything new to the US shows? I'm still gutted 7/11, Sweet Dreams and Blow were all dropped so early on last time.
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    Britney Spears - Glory

    Anyone with a brain must of known that this VMA performance was going to be a let down compared to her earlier, now iconic performances. Take Beyonce out of the equation and it's still a very poor performance. Britney is no longer a top tier performer, her schtick is dated and she will be...
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    Britney Spears - Glory

    No shade, I love Britney and the new album, but why does her face look so worn? I only properly noticed on Carpool, she literally does not look like Britney Spears.
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    Natalie La Rose - Somebody & Debut Album

    First 'Do It Again' and now 'All Around The World', the UK is stanning for Worldwide flops at the moment.
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    One Direction - Made in the AM (5th Album)

    How much longer is Harry Styles going to keep up the love child of Russel Brand look?
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    Selena Gomez - Revival

    Not blown away by this like I expected to be.. (Maybe it's a grower) is the chorus entirely Charli?
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    Pia Mia

    I wasn't keen on her at first, but Do It Again has grown on me massively. I checked out one of her performances and she can pretty much out-sing (and dance) the majority of the current pop girls. I'm all for Pia Mia and Tinashe taking over the world.
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    Kylie Minogue

    "The Best of Kylie Minogue" has been removed from iTunes and Spotify. Surely not another greatest hits in the pipeline..
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    Rita Ora - Phoenix

    Her career is just bizarre, she always seems to be jetting around the globe promoting one thing or another, but it's rarely ever her music, which seems to be a side career. (although she's touring the U.S. at the moment?!) Is she really as well known in the U.S. as we are being led to believe...
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    Selena Gomez - Revival

    I love Selena, but she really is a horrific live performer. (Minus the Heart AMA performance) She should just do a Britney/Cheryl and lip-sync every performance and focus on choreography.
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    VMAs 2015

    Only Taylor could manage to make Kanye's award all about her.
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    One Direction - Made in the AM (5th Album)

    They now hold the record for most streams in a day. Not putting the song on YouTube is a very clever move by their team, everyone is forced to stream it.
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    Jennifer Lopez

    Live It Up flopped and I think she realised that sound has been done to death.
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    The Pussycat Dolls

    I'm delighted and I will be first in line to get tickets to the tour. I wonder if it's going to be all 6 (or 5) and will the other girls get more lines this time, surely after all the fuss they made, they would not return without the promise of actually getting to sing.
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    Selena Gomez - Revival

    The video version of Good For You is incredible.
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    Ciara - Jackie

    How do you solve a problem like Ciara? She's still churning out better material than most of her peers, yet nothing is happening. I would be beyond frustrated by now, if I was her.
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    Jason Derulo - Everything Is 4

    The Cheyenne video is hideous. Try Me should be the second single.