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    Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Make A Scene

    That is BEAUTIFUL. Would love to plonk that on my blog - who would you like it credited as by?
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    Amy MacDonald - Slow It Down [1st Single]

    I LOVE Amy. She's got such an underrated voice. Found her first album a bit on the dull "landfill indie" side, but A Curious Thing was really impressive.
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    Artists who missed a chance for a solo career

    An Easther Bennett solo album would've been AWESOME. Did Kelle's solo album ever leak?
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    Scissor Sisters - Magic Hour

    Re: Scissor Sisters - Magic Hour (Album + Singles) I've had a listen to the album. Basically there are lots of decent tracks but it can't quite make up its mind whether it wants to be "funky, filthy Scissor Sisters" we recognise from early on or "plodding 'Fire With Fire' anthem Scissor...
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    M.I.A. - Matangi

    Re: M.I.A. - Bad Girls + Album Urgh. It's not just WHO he is, it's that A) I don't like his voice. B) He's bloody everywhere. Even Estelle and Brandy have tried using him to inject some life into their careers.
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    Little Boots - Nocturnes

    Re: Little Boots - Second Album Legasp! (yes)
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    Diana Vickers - Music To Make Boys Cry

    Re: Diana Vickers - Second Studio Album Discussion I think what\'s probably happened is that there either was a deal that got cancelled, or the February gigs were a way of trying to drum up interest in getting a deal, which didn\'t work. I wish she\'d just release stuff independently - if...
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    Dannii Minogue

    Damn if it's true. Despite there being rumours over the past year I really didn't see it coming.
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    Marina and the Diamonds - Electra Heart

    Re: Marina and the Diamonds - Electra Heart (Album) & Singles Is this a new leak?
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    Scissor Sisters - Magic Hour

    Re: Scissor Sisters - Magic Hour (Album + Singles) All about Del here. Are you all blind?
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    Kylie: K25 Releases and Events.

    Quite! Until I hold that ticket in my hand my blood pressure is going to be through the roof.
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    Kylie: K25 Releases and Events.

    Ticket arrived today...while I was out at work. Going to have to take an hour's overtime off on Friday and get a TAXI to the post office delivery place. No one else....
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    Kylie: K25 Releases and Events.

    I've not had any email saying mine's been dispatched. "Terms and conditions: Ticket despatch All Ticket purchased to UK addresses will be sent to you by Royal Mail Special Delivery There is a fee of £4.80 which includes the cost of this service. This will appear as a transaction fee applied...
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    Kylie: K25 Releases and Events.

    Can't for the life of me remember if SeeTickets just post stuff with the rest of your post through your letterbox. If this turns out to be signed/special delivery when I'm out this week, I think I'm going to have a heart attack. Or if it arrives on Friday - I'm going away for most of the weekend!
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    Kylie: K25 Releases and Events.

    Yeah, I'll be forking out for this. It's staggeringly expensive, but it's a once-in-a-lifetime thing. If she does another Anti-Tour in the future I'll be really cross! For those of you who went to the Australian dates - was there any Anti-Tour specific merchandise on sale?
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    The Ting Tings - Sounds From Nowheresville (2nd album)

    That's surpisingly good.
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    Bright Light Bright Light - Make Me Believe In Hope

    I'd be all over this new single like a rash, only I've been listening to his bootleg mashup of it with Gat Decor's 'Passion' since December, which is the greatest thing he's ever done. SEEK IT OUT. Will definitely be getting the album though.
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    Hit Factory Tribute Show

    Re: Hit factory tribute show hyde Park July 11 SO going to this. Only way to make it more perfect is by adding Samantha Fox and Big Fun. If they can get Siobhan back for an hour I'd be sodding grateful too.
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    Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Make A Scene

    Only Sophie Ellis-Bextor could keep me engaged for a four and a half minute glorified advert for hot tubs.
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    Loreen - "Tattoo" + General Discussion

    One of the greatest Eurovision entries already. Can't get enough of this song.