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    Belinda Carlisle- Voila

    Off to see her on Saturday, very excited.
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    Amy Winehouse - Back To Black

    I love this song and it's the best of the bunch. I saw her at G-A-Y and this was the only song she did before she ran off and puked but I didn't care, I was happy.
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    Eurovision singles I've bought

    I seem to have bought quite a few over the years... Sam Fox and Sox - God knows what it was called Love City Groove - Love City Groove Frances Ruffelle - Unifinshed Symphony (or was it sympathy?)
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    Well you can ask H yourself , right here! I think I might ask him something about Lisa's braces though...
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    Mariah Carey

    Leona is going to be bigger than Maria and Whitney together well good
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    Doctor Who

    I don't like Dvid Tennant the one before was better, I really miss Billie Piper shes a really goos actress a national tresure
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    Small-time Yorkshire band announce new long player

    I'm a great fan of them ass well. Fantastic music
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    I'm fan of their work as well. Well wicked.
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    Louise - Greatest Hits

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    Jeremy Piven - gay?

    Anyone know anymore about this? I really hop it's true!
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    People were talking about the 'Baby I love You' remix.
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    Christina - Candyman

    I really love the album. I love the fact that it hasn't done as well as expected and it's heading the same way as the All Saints album and will soon be one of those misunderstood pop albums we love so much. Candyman is ace but should have been released long ago. Now i don't care about it. It...
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    The Pipettes vs The United States of America

    I love them more and more over the last few months...
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    Wi-Fi feat. Melanie B - Be Without You

    People, this is terrible, we shouldn't even be talking about it!
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    New Matinee Club (formerly The Modern) Music Video

    I love that they had to change their name. The media are such shits sometimes.
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    Avril Lavigne - The Best Damn Thing

    Apparently it sounds a bit like Mickey by Toni Basil
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    I've not even heard this song, is it good? P.S. I liked the J Lo track
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    Destiny’s Child

    Oh, it's still funny...
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    Lindsay Lohan - 3rd Album

    I loved Speak, the title track was lodged in my head for weeks. Also loved Confessions although the album wasn't as strong generally. It's all that John Shanks production. I loved Michelle Branch's album too.
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    Hilary Duff - 5th album (new single announced!)

    Re: Hilary Duff - 5th album (3rd studio album) Woo Hoo, I'm so pleased I'm not the only who is looking forward to the album. The other stuff sucks though, right?