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    Troye Sivan - Blue Neighbourhood (Debut Album)

    Just got back from the LA show and it was a blast. Unsurprisingly, the crowd was a mix of high school girls and adult gays. Between him and Allie it was just a great night of pop music overall. I had no idea she could sing like that, and his dance moves are much less awkward in person.
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    Christina Aguilera - Liberation

    This is the first year they're doing red nose day in the US. NBCUniversal (which owns NBC, Bravo, E!, Hulu, etc.) is pushing it on all their networks.
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    Years & Years - Communion

    Just got tickets to see them in Los Angeles this month. Can't wait!
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    Christina Milian

    But we got b-list on capitol.
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    Cheryl - Only Human

    I don't really find her lazy. We've gotten 4 albums out of her. That's 3.5 more albums than most ex-girlbanders get. Sure, she didn't turn into some international megastar, but we got some fun singles and some cute choreography so i'm quite satisfied with how her solo career has gone.
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    Made In Chelsea

    When Alik started crying at dinner....Spencer must have really done a number on Louise because he basically turned her into him.
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    Cheryl - Only Human

    I'm slightly obsessed with throwback and i'm not sure why. The rap especially.
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    Nick Jonas (Self-titled Album)

    Jealous is a BOP. If the album is good he could become a serious contender. Justin is getting old (for pop) and Chris Brown/Justin Bieber are complete messes.
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    One Direction - FOUR

    Re: One Direction - 4th Studio Album Wow, I've never liked a One Direction song so much on first listen. Is anyone else getting Fleetwood Mac vibes?
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    How Do You Listen To Yours?

    How are the Beats by dre headphones? I've heard some rave reviews, but the pricetag makes me cautious...
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    Chelsea Lankes - Secret

    I'm really enjoying Secret.
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    Prom Date - Portraits (debut album) + Good Morning Boyfriend (single) A new co-ed synthpop band based out of New Orleans. Stumbled across this song today and it's actually pretty good.
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    The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

    Apparently Andrea is out and everyone else is back. Andrea will be replaced by 2 new women.
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    The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

    So Real Housewives of Melbourne is now airing in the US. Which is funny, b/c Vancouver never aired here, proving that someone at Bravo watched Vancouver, considered it, and decided Jody was simply too vile. Anyway back to Melbourne. After watching the first 2 eps live on US tv I caved and...
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    The Saturdays

    How am I just now discovering Move on U? These girls have some hidden gems in their catalog.
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    Are people losing interest in pop?

    Back in the mid-2000s I used to listen to Girls Aloud and other PJ faves, wishing I could hear such unashamed pop on the radio. Ten years later, pop is everywhere. The formerly underground (at least here in the USA) electronic music scene has gone mainstream. The market is over-saturated and...
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    Hilary Duff

    Re: Hilary Duff - Chasing The Sun (Single) + 4th Studio Album This seems like a huge step backwards in every possible way.
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    St Lucia - Utopia (Deluxe)

    I'm seeing them in September in Los Angeles. Elevate live will be IMMENSE.
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    Amelia Lily

    Re: Amelia Lily - California (New Single) /Album (2014?) This song suits her much better than the Xenomania stuff she was doing. Xenomania was amazing for about 10 years but somewhere around mini viva it all started sounding very dated and formulaic. Shut and Give Me Whatever You Got was an...
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    Got 2B Real (YouTube Show)

    The voices on Legends Panel definitely need some work but the writing and characterization are just perfect: "MADONNA! Are you throwing? That elderly abuse you endured from my girl Janet still has you pressed like a play button, I see." Another great one, Aaliyah v. Beyonce...