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    Leona Lewis ~ Trouble (ft. Childish Gambino)

    I support her! I really want her to succeed musically and have downloaded the CG version of Trouble. For me she is the only XF winner (to date!) that could stand the test of time and have a multi-decade spanning career. She just isn't getting the songs, Emile Blande or otherwise!
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    Leona Lewis ~ Trouble (ft. Childish Gambino)

    FLOPPING HARD. Good job she has the XF performance to speed sales along. Obvs. not all about 'the voice' after all.
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    Grimes - Visions

    Going to see her play live tonight. SEX WEE.
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    Frank Ocean

    The album is underwhelming, the Nostalgia Ultra mixtape is much better. I still would though.
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    Pet Shop Boys - New Album "Elysium" (September 2012)

    Re: Pet Shop Boys - New Album! (Autumn 2012) Invisible = Amazing. Reminds me of the breakdown (?) mix of I Want To Wake Up which is also amazing. Might be interested in buying a PSB album again!
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    The Voice - U.K.

    My thoughts exactly.
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    Alexandra Burke - Heartbreak On Hold

    Not amazing but still 100 times better than a lot of chart songs right now.. Agree with previous comments that it would be nice to hear her let rip on a single, this track is missing a big 'moment'. Hope she's got something amazing lined up for single 3.
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    Usher - Looking 4 Myself

    Sounds so much like The Weeknd to me. Amazing free downloads here:
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    Alexandra Burke - Heartbreak On Hold

    Go Alex. True class, as is her JJ cover version here:
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    Alexandra Burke - Heartbreak On Hold

    Re: Alexandra Burke - 'Elephant' (lead single) Knock this down to 59p on iTunes = number 1 next Sunday.
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    Madonna - Give Me All Your Luvin' (First Single)

    Covering Nicola Roberts for your comback single Magde? Very brave.
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    Mutya Keisha Siobhan - Album Discussion

    Re: The original Sugababes are back. Thought One Touch would have done more than that. It seemed to hang around in the Nice Price section for a long time afterwards on the back of Overload. Loved Sugababes 1.0, bit gloom-pop but just my bag! Love Siobhan and excited to hear something more...
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    Cher Lloyd - Sticks + Stones

    Re: Cher Lloyd - Debut Album (Discussion) 110% correct.
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    Top 5 favourite contestants

    1. Alexandra 2. Rhydian 3. Jedward 4. Lucie Jones 5. Erm...Alexandra
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    X Factor List: Guest Star Performance Rank!

    Alex and (the first) Take That are the only memorables for me. Last night's Rihanna is memorable too, for the total lack of clothing!
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    Final results show

    Hahahaha. Dirty bit!
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    Final results show

    Err...why the same song again? Yeah it was good the last time but c'mon.
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    Nadine Coyle - Insatiable

    The Tesco I was in today (Express) doesn't stock CDs but today they had a stand with Robbie's greatest hits and Nadine so that's not too shabby. If that's replicated nationwide it is pretty good promo plus it will probably be being flogged as a loss leader post Xmas, say for 50p? I might think...
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    Nadine Coyle - Insatiable

    Remember this is the girl that lied about not being able to find her passport in order to try and stay in Oirish Popstars. She expects success on a plate without putting any effort in. She was brave (or stoopid!) to put her own money into this considering she has virtually no profile here...
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    Tesco Mary: General Discussion thread.

    Hahaha. Very disappointed in her last night. I think she has got a bit ahead of herself. She was already seeing herself doing Susan Boyle style sales and now she could be back in Tesco by week 6.