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  1. IAmRockstar

    Beverley Knight - The Fifth Chapter

    Music City Soul was definitely released in response to the success of Piece Of My Heart. No Man's Land is one of my favourite songs of hers, but maybe something like The Queen of Starting Over would have been a better lead single I can't wait for this album, ready for Beverley to bring us the bops!
  2. IAmRockstar

    Summer Walker - CLEAR 2: SOFT LIFE (EP) + General Discussion

    She sounds so good on the Hell N Back remix on Bakar's new album. A bit of a different sound for her!
  3. IAmRockstar

    Doechii - “Pacer” + General Discussion

    Doechii's visuals are always on fucking point. She's genuinely one of the most exciting new artists in recent years!
  4. IAmRockstar

    Corinne Bailey Rae - Black Rainbows

    I need to spend more time with the album, but on first listen Red Horse is stunning.
  5. IAmRockstar

    UK Politics: General Despondency

    I wonder if the high profile, and not so secret, comedian that Katherine Ryan said was a predator, during her Louis Theroux interview, will be one of them...
  6. IAmRockstar

    Tori Kelly - Tori (EP)

    Video for young gun
  7. IAmRockstar

    Mercury Prize 2023

    So like the Brit Awards? This is such a defunct argument, please drop it. So happy Ezra Collective won. Their album was easily one of the best of last year and felt like a real London soundtrack. A proper celebration!
  8. IAmRockstar

    Rachel Chinouriri - Mama's Boy EP

    I love this, it's stunning! I'm going to check out more of Chrissi's music.
  9. IAmRockstar

    Natasha Bedingfield

    Randomly having a bit of a Natasha Bedingfield session, and she had some great songs didn't she? Maybe it's the nostalgia around her first 2 albums, and Unwritten (the song) in particular, but I rarely skip if one of her songs plays on shuffle. I'm surprised that her and Daniel haven't done a...
  10. IAmRockstar

    Jorja Smith - Falling or Flying

    This is the best she's sounded. This album is shaping up to be a classic!
  11. IAmRockstar

    Victoria Monét - Jaguar II

    I wasn't 100% sold on Victoria's earlier material but since Jaguar she has been killing it. Every project/song has been amazing, assured and showcasing how she has mastered her craft. There are too many songs for me to list out here but the run from Alright to On My Mama is 11/10. I totally get...
  12. IAmRockstar

    Keke Palmer - Big Boss + General Discussion

    Seriously, like everything Keke does - absolute iconic behaviour. Even using the U Don't Have To Call choreo dd
  13. IAmRockstar

    Leigh-Anne - "My Love" (feat. Ayra Starr) + Debut Album

    So ready for this! Ayra Starr has been killing it recently and I'm excited to hear what they have crafted together. I think this sound will suit Leigh really well! I need her to give us slinky afrobeats bangers like what Tamera is releasing.
  14. IAmRockstar

    Halle Bailey - "Angel" + Solo Album

    Agreed, I think the production is a bit too basic. Imagine this song produced by someone like Inflo who can bring a more cinematic production to match the lyrics and her gorgeous vocal.
  15. IAmRockstar

    Stormzy - "Toxic Trait" (feat. Fredo) + General Discussion

    Another great song with lots of cameos in the video, shot at his 30th birthday I believe.
  16. IAmRockstar

    Tori Kelly - Tori (EP)

    We need to talk more about how Beyoncé has all these girls addresses! Glad she's home and recovering. That VEVO performance was great, she has better stage presence there than I remember her having before.
  17. IAmRockstar

    Tori Kelly - Tori (EP)

    Echoing everyone in saying this is a brilliant EP and the direction fits her perfectly. Cut and Unbelievable are my highlights but every song is a banger. Give us more of this Tori! Also can we take a second to talk about her lower register?! She sounds so good on those lower notes, and I feel...
  18. IAmRockstar

    Olivia Dean

    Amazing news that Messy has received a Mercury Prize nomination. Very deserved!
  19. IAmRockstar

    The Bear (Disney+ / Hulu)

    Jamie Lee Curtis ATE in The Fishes episode. That followed by The this is a top tier show. Ayo Edebiri is a real scenes stealer, she deserves to have a huge acting career!