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    Hercules & Love Affair - Album 4!

    I meant in store, off Brick Lane!
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    Hercules & Love Affair - Album 4!

    The limited edition, double clear vinyl is £3 in Rough Trade East right now - several copies too:
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    Grace Jones

    The Disco Years vinyl boxset, reduced to £20:*/Box-Set-Sale/The-Disco-Years/497T0FTI000
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    Björk - Utopia (9th Album)

    New version of Notget on show in VR in Whitechapel, London. You need to reserve a slot at the link:
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    Kylie Minogue - Kiss Me Once (Album) / Singles

    Re: Kylie Minogue - Kiss Me Once (Album) / I Was Gonna Cancel (Single) The Ibiza date was originally listed on the Tour section of the website but has now been removed; it was also only ever sold as a Kylie Minogue show but is now suddenly referred to as 'WE Party with Special Appearance by...
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    Album sounds good thus far, especially Para Volver a Empezar, Tormenta Solar Perfecta, Peligros and Lo tuyo no es normal. SSS production sounds fresher than I expected, although going by their rule of 3 albums, they won't be working with them again after this.
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    I'm listening! I have no idea what to buy as they always release a special edition and I haven't seen the 4 EP version yet to know if it's cute enough to merit buying the album twice. Also I can't make any of the signings in Spain so don't feel so inclined to buy right now. There's no way I'm...
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    Kylie: K25 Releases and Events.

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    New album CUATRICROMÍA out 26th Feb, first single DRAMAS Y COMEDIAS out 29th Jan. Album made up of four EPs produced by Guille Milkyway, Sigue Sigue Sputnik, Los Pilotos (made up of two members of Los Planetas) and Jon Klein.
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    Saint Etienne

    In other news, they were ace at BT London Live in Hyde Park the other night. Only 25 mins (boo) and Sarah was trying to crowd-please by being all 'go team GB!' but they sounded superb. Setlist: Tonight Nothing Can Stop Us Now Only Love Can Break Your Heart I've Got Your Music When I Was...
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    She's said this since 2005 though: Confessions was a reaction to editing I'm Going To Tell You A Secret; Hard Candy was a reaction to filming Filth and Wisdom, and now MDNA is the fun antidote to the stress of filming W.E. If she is genuinely 'all about the fun' these days with her music, then...
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    Madonna - Girl Gone Wild (Second Single)

    Re: Madonna - Girls Gone Wild (Second Single) I think this is the problem, she spends so much time in the gym that her tastes now seem to be solely for trashy dance pop, as her iTunes playlist showed a few years ago. Remember when she was listening to Massive Attack and Lemon Jelly around...
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    Perfume Genius - Put Your Back N 2 It

    I loved it when I streamed it from the Guardian website a few weeks ago, I'll be interested to see if it gets even better with time. The first album is excellent, he may well be this year's Bon Iver for me.
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    Re: Madonna - M.D.N.A (Album) I'm not gonna waste my time correcting myths and rumors You believe what you wanna believe
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    Yes, immediately! I got it for £15 a few months ago from Play and it revived her first four albums for me, I'm not sure I'll ever find another body of work I love as much as Debut-Vespertine. The Homogenic disc is particularly amazing as she came on so much as a performer after the Post tour...
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    Goldfrapp - Head First

    Nicked from the Kate Bush thread, but there's a greatest hits on the way!
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    The Weeknd - General Discussion

    Re: The Weeknd - House Of Balloons I should have qualified that: Night Air is clearly amazing and evocative, but I don't feel he keeps the mood going over the whole album in the way the Weeknd do.
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    The Weeknd - General Discussion

    Re: The Weeknd - House Of Balloons Just gave the mix-tape another go this morning and loved it, the production is superb and general night-time atmosphere much more convincing than other high-profile recent attempts eg. Jamie Woon and James Blake. Particularly liked Coming Down.
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    Jessica 6 - See the Light (Debut Album)

    They are the only thing that could make Lovebox Sunday better at this point, someone make this happen. Amazing album!
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    Lykke Li - Wounded Rhymes (2nd album)

    ^Remix of the year thus far.