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    The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

    We need a spin off just focused on Mary in the sprinter. Make it a web series I don't care but why is she so watchable?
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    Ed Sheeran - Autumn Variations

    A bop.
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    K. Michelle - I'm the Problem

    And if anyone is not familiar with her catalogue, here are some highlights!
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    K. Michelle - I'm the Problem

    I'm so mad at her for not including the title track on the album but I will always be here for new K Michelle! Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart is literally my favourite album of all time and she never misses.
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    Idina Menzel - Drama Queen

    Why did I first listen to Move ironically but now I genuinely enjoy it? By all accounts she is a successful person so why does the video look so cheap and awkward? And this may be my favourite post ever tbh.
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    I have the same issue but only with podcasts - even my downloaded wants me to stream them? I have to put my phone onto Airplane mode and then it works.
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    Me and my bestie are going Thursday all in pink! Would be rude not to, I think. I haven't been cinema since Tenet, which was a waste of a whole afternoon.
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    I hope isn't killed off as I would like a Bianca/Stacey return in a few years when she's in a different stage of life. They have to tempt Patsy Palmer back before she goes. Also gutted about , she was becoming part of the furniture and she's so connected to some of the legacy characters through...
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    Ooh Contemporary Love is a bop! Is the post-chorus a Human Nature sample or just very close?
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    Ugh, Simone was such a talent! Watched some old videos tonight and her star power was so undeniable, never watched the acoustic Show Me What You Got before and didn't realize she played the guitar! I hope she is at peace and knows how much of a mark she left because iconnery isn't easy but she...
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    Tori Kelly - Tori (EP)

    Sending my love to Tori and her family, this must be so scary.
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    She has so much talent and potential, I really hope she can make an impact with whatever this will be! Pretty Summer Playlist #1 holds a special place in my heart as it was released just as I was establishing myself again after a really bad situation, and became my soundtrack to a newly...
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    Leigh-Anne - "My Love" (feat. Ayra Starr) + Debut Album

    The next video needs to start with Leigh emerging from the water (in a gold swimsuit and heels of course) for the full Mariah homage fantasy!
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    Leigh-Anne - "My Love" (feat. Ayra Starr) + Debut Album

    Ugh her voice is (and always has been) so immaculate, like a wonderful pop tone but depth underneath? I'm not clever or well versed enough to describe accurately but it's so fucking good to hear only Leigh-Anne on a full song!
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    Mariah Carey

    It's #Beautiful's 10 year (!) anniversary today! Can't believe this ultimate summer evening bop is a decade old already - this song started the summer I met my best friends and fell in love for the first time. Feeling quite old right now. Where does the time go?
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    Jennifer Lopez - This Is Me… Now (2023)

    This is me... When?
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    Bebe Rexha - "One in a Million" (with David Guetta) + BEBE

    This era is phenomenal, each song is better than the last! The Satellite video is super fun (I did eat something green about an hour ago so it's obviously having the desired effect) Roll on next Friday!
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    SZA - S.O.S.

    Ugh I wish I could afford to go to this but yeah the constant addition of dates... icon behaviour!
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    The Apprentice UK - Series 17 (2023) | "Generic worm"

    Yeah I think I'm out, I was umming and ahhing over to watch this season when the cast was released and there wasn't a single dark skinned woman in what seemed to be the biggest cast yet which I found suspect to say the least. Last night's episode was genuinely horrible to watch, I know the...