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    Ke$ha (General Discussion)

    Keha General Discussion Welcome to the general discussion forum, Please feel free to post off topic discussions in this forum, You are welcome to chat about almost anything in here : Happy posting
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    Popjustice: 12 Points (Final 2009) (RESULTS ONLINE!)

    Popjustice 12 Points Final RESULTS ONLINE It needed to be done Predict the top 10 of the final 60 points available - 5 points for each correct position, 3 points for being one position off, 1 point for being two positions off; extra 10 points if you predict all the members correctly...
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    Those Little Bits In Songs That Do It For You.

    Those Little Bits In Songs That Do It For You Yey, I like it. I think it would look better below our post count number instead of up top though. Dont ask me why. I have a feeling that others are going to prefer a name color change, but I personally think this is better because we already have...
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    Sandra - The Platinum Collection

    Sandra The Platinum Collection Nice So true But I totally agree. No b-sides, no really cool edition or anything, no deal. I guess its for the people who missed out the first time around...? Or... something?
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    All Saints

    The trailers supposed to premiere at Comic-Con on Saturday. Im there. All the main cast sans Dafoe is returning, and their adding some good actors in. I love The Boondock Saints, its one of my favorite films, so I really hope this sequel isnt bad.
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    We Got The Beat music video

    I take that back, omg. The clip they showed on the news was crap, this is awesome.