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    Kylie Minogue - Tension

    42 minutos and no checkout page, miss Kylie please do a world tour
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    Kylie Minogue - Tension

    my exroomate wants (us) to go bankrupt and buy a presale ticket…I’m hoping to get one standing ticket, pray for me
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    Kylie Minogue - Tension

    babies Kylie is doing a tour in your developed country, I don’t believe she will come back to this 3rd world country, please let me buy one ticket :P
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    I didn’t like it, why cut so many songs and scenes and still have a long movie? Eric is so handsome, the part where we can see her hips is Interesting.
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    Kylie Minogue - Tension

    Padam before Cherry Bomb is great…
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    Eurovision Song Contest 2023 - Liverpool

    This is the performance he wanted to do in Beni but didn’t do:
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    Eurovision Song Contest 2023 - Liverpool

    For Spain maybe Aritz would be a good option: I can see him being Blankas male version. And what a booty.
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    Eurovision Song Contest 2023 - Liverpool

    Miss Italy always sends people who can sing, Marco is lovely, good voice and a good ballad.
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    Eurovision Song Contest 2023 - Liverpool

    Uk send Rebeca Ferguson with a uptempo song, the girl can’t dance but that doesn’t matter she has the cunt.
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    Eurovision Song Contest 2023 - Liverpool

    I’m from mexico and this is the first time I voted: Italy Sweden Finland Moldova SloveniA
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    Rihanna - 9th Album

    I was so nervous at the end!! Hope she enjoys her babies
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    2023 BRIT Awards

    I like David Guetta performance, it has someone from X Factor, someone who according to wikipedia was on The Voice and someone who was in Eurovision, never seen that before.
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    Melodifestivalen 2022.

    Victor Crone is one of the writers of Robin's song... I didn't like any of these songs, but will wait until the show.
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    Eurovision Song Contest 2022

    Haven't heard Polonian song but he's cute, I did listen to his album and was a 'meh' for me.
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    Eurovision Song Contest 2022

    Nina Zilli won with Per sempre and then sing lamore e femenina. So they can change the song if they want. I read that if Emma wins she won't be attending to Eurovision #angryqueen
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    American Song Contest - oh she died?

    Seven weeks? They really think is like American Idol or The Voice. This is going to be a mess. Let's pray that Nicole Scherzinger represents Hawaii, JLo Puerto Rico, Rihanna Barbados.
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    Eurovision Song Contest 2022

    Is it true that there are 500 songs from all the nf competing this year?
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    The Saturdays

    I also love Chasing Lights an all-group version would be lovely.
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    Kylie Minogue

    It would be interesting if the book has a chapter for the passed songs like "Toxic"
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    The Scream Franchise

    Can they make Scream 6 and bring back this queen?