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  1. HorseTears

    'The Underground Railroad' on Prime is Stunning!

    Sorry if I missed it, but I haven't come across a thread for The Underground Railroad. I somehow completely missed the limited series last year, but I take it I'm not the only one. I'm only 2/3 of the way through, and I know this can sound hyperbolic, but I think it's a flat-out masterpiece...
  2. HorseTears

    Can we embed Instagram reels / videos?

    I may be mistaken but I thought we could embed (via the Media button) videos/reels from Instagram. Am I wrong? Having trouble doing so.
  3. HorseTears

    Netflix's OZARK

    How is there not a thread for this brilliant show? Anyway, season 3 arrives March 27!
  4. HorseTears

    Embedded tweets not visible in threads?

    Is anyone else experiencing this issue? It started happening a few days ago. I guess I noticed it in the US Politics thread because it probably gets more embedded Tweets than any other thread. I asked if anyone else in the thread was experiencing this issue, but I guess I'm alone? I just...
  5. HorseTears

    HUSTLERS starring J-Lo, Constance Wu, Lizzo, Cardi B, Keke Palmer

    Surprised there isn't a thread for this film (unless I'm terrible at using the search function). I already thought the film looked like an entertaining diversion when I first saw the trailer, but the film and the performances -- yes, including Jennifer Lopez's -- are earning really strong...
  6. HorseTears

    Songs that sound like...

    This thread will probably sink like a lead balloon, but just in case... ...would anyone be interested in a thread in which we post a song we just can't get out of our heads and, then, others suggest other songs with a similar sound to help scratch that itch? As good as Spotify, Pandora, Apple...
  7. HorseTears

    Amazon's 'Made In Heaven' (there's Indians on my TV)

    Anyone else kinda charmed by the new Amazon dramedy Made In Heaven? It's a new Indian series set in the insane world of wealthy New Delhi weddings. It's almost like a procedural in that each episode has a wedding-of-the-week setting, but that's mainly a device to develop the stories of the...
  8. HorseTears

    You really should be watching Hulu's 'PEN15'

    What a funny and charming show. And the (very adult) lead actresses play middle schoolers so well I keep having to remind myself they're actually in their 30s. The late 90s / early 2000s period detail is spot on, too. As funny as the show is, I'm also surprised at how moving it can be. I...
  9. HorseTears

    Well, hello, welcome to Brenda Dickson's new single "She's A Bitch"

    The legendary Hollywood star, winner of the 1988 Soap Opera Digest Award for Outstanding Villainess in a Drama Series and 100% all natural blonde-haired beauty Brenda Dickson has released her new single, "She's A Bitch"... exclusively on DropBox. I.... have no words.
  10. HorseTears

    Amen Dunes' 'Freedom' is going to be big, isn't it?

    Maybe it's just good PR, but it does feel like this is going to be a big breakout (in strictly indie terms) for Amen Dunes. I'm loving his, I don't know what you call it... shimmery, pysch-folk, surf rock Bob Dylan meets New Order meets Oasis sound. Anyone else? And, yes, I know this is...
  11. HorseTears

    This is the greatest interview in the history of popular music

    Pearls? Clutched. Wig? Snatched. I don't even know where to begin. The tea on everyone from Michael Jackson to The Beatles to Cyndi Lauper to Bono. And then the bizarre shout out to Ed Sheeran of all people. Oh, and he's so modest, too. God bless you, Mr. Jones. In Conversation...
  12. HorseTears

    Forgotten Soul and R&B Artists Worth Remembering

    Anyone feel like sharing songs from great soul and R&B artists who never really made it big? I'll admit that I only really knew Gloria Jones as Marc Bolan's longtime partner. She sounds astonishing here and the production of the song feels a bit ahead of its time...
  13. HorseTears

    Amazon's Sneaky Pete is rather good

    Anyone else enjoying Amazon's new show Sneaky Pete? It was kind of promoted as Bryan Cranston's new show, which, it technically is, but really his biggest role with the show is as producer. His acting part is a smaller cameo role and, surprisingly, I think he's a bit miscast and ends up being...
  14. HorseTears

    Best British shows [most] Americans haven't seen

    Tonight I was enjoying some rather dark sketch comedy from Snuff Box... ...and some very entertaining comedy pop quiz panel show laughs from Never Mind the Buzzcocks... ..and it got me wondering about what other British TV treasures I'm missing over here on the other side of the Atlantic...
  15. HorseTears

    'When We Rise' - ABC's LGBT Limited Series

    Hmmm. Maybe it's that dreadful, soulless 'Halleujah' cover, maybe it's the editing, maybe it's all the speechifying, but this looks...well, not as good as I was hoping. Dustin Lance Black wrote. Gus Van Zant directs first two eps. Guy Pearce, Whoopi Goldberg, Rachel Griffiths, Mary Louise...
  16. HorseTears

    "lgbt_history" is the best Instagram EVAH

    Are you guys following "lgbt_history" on Instagram? I don't know who's behind the account. He/she/they seem to have kept a low profile themselves, but they post the MOST amazing series of pictures related to our community's history (from the early 20th c. to recent history). Some of them iconic...
  17. HorseTears

    Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - Ghosteen

    Didn't see a thread for this. Sorry if I missed it. 2013's Push the Sky Away was one of my favorite Nick Cave works thus far. "Higgs Boson Blues", from that album, is, by far, my favorite thing Miley Cyrus has been involved with. Sounds like the new album will be an emotional affair to say...
  18. HorseTears

    Cynthia Erivo

    I mean, come ON... I could see her making the transition from theatre actress to singer. What kills me is she has a rare combination. She's got that huge, deep, resonant power but she also has laser-like precision and she manages to marry that technique with genuine emotion. To me, she...
  19. HorseTears

    The Stone Roses - First New Album Since 1994

    Well, damn, I'm excited. The amount of great 90s and early 2000s acts releasing new music this year has been overwhelming. The Stone Roses to Return With New Song Today by Jazz Monroe Associate Staff Writer | Pitchfork | May 12, 2016 The Stone Roses recently revealed they were at work on a...
  20. HorseTears

    Better Call Saul

    SPOILER WARNING: Will be discussing the - just aired - season 2 finale.