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  1. cpr

    Debby Friday

    Debut album out 3/24. I’m obsessed with both of these tracks, if the album delivers she’s gonna have an AOTY contender. I Got It reminds me of the rush I felt hearing Shygirl’s Freak for the first time.
  2. cpr

    Villano Antillano (Rapstress)

    I discovered Villano earlier this year when her iconic BZRP collab went viral: Her debut album came out earlier this month and is back to front bops.
  3. cpr

    Lauren Auder

    Lauren Auder’s got a great new single out! She’s a baroque pop singer woth a stunning voice who put out a great little EP last year called 5 Songs for the Dysphoric and had a great cover/duet with Caroline Polachek.
  4. cpr

    Sega Bodega

    Surprised he doesn’t already have his own thread. I think he’s one of the best producers in pop right now (see his collaborations with Zebra Katz, Shygirl, and Dorian) and I’m properly obsessed with this new song. Hopefully there’s an album in this vein.
  5. cpr

    Casey MQ (Bedroom Pop/Hyperpopish)

    If any of y'all were going to Club Quarantine when it was regular you might remember Casey as a regular host/mod. He put out his debut album recently and its actually really lush! The whole album is really pleasant and well produced and very gay too.
  6. cpr

    Dalai Lama - Inner World (Debut Album)

    I don't know if I should make this thread here or in the main forum since he's already got a pretty high profile, but the Dalai Lama is releasing his debut album in just under a month. Hopefully its more fun than Ms. Franics'. I would love some Bjork or Anohni features!
  7. cpr

    Lous and The Yakuza

  8. cpr


    Hi! I'm Andrew! I'm a massage therapist in Houston and I love music. My favorite artists right now are shygirl, Empress Of, and Perfume Genius. Recently I've been listening to Club Quarantine a lot which has led me on to a lot of great new music. My favorite album of all time is Joanna...