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    Maruv - General Discussion

    Very addictive and very jam
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    Sarsa is surely one of the most unique Polish singers, she was one of the semi-finalists of The Voice of Poland where she withdrew due to health issues. Still, later on she was able to launch quite a successful career. If you like Lana Del Rey and similar sounds this is for you Her latest...
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    Sound'n'Grace - Idealnie

    Polish gospel/funk/r&b/soul band with over 20 members. They became popular after their appearance in Polish "Got talent". While they usually not my cup of tea i really love their newest single "idealnie". Its very catchy, funky, positive. Love it. Also out of all the members you only need to...
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    AronChupa, Little Sis Nora - Llama In My Living Room

    This is such a weird song but i found myself jamming to it after the very first listen Bizarre guilty pleasure
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    Margaret - Wasted (single) and General Discussion

    Margaret is a Polish singer and she's really something else for Polish pop. Here is her latest single Wasted which is FUCKING AMAZING in my opinion. Her debut album should be out "soon"
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    Within Temptation - General Discussion

    Once again they did a great job and their brand new album is out tommorow (in Japan it was out few days earlier). First single was released some time ago and its a collaboration with the Nightwishes ex-lead vocal Tarja Their newest single The...
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    Heidi Range - General Discussion

    Yep i know she's not doing any solo music at the moment and not sure if she will but maybe if her musical career will deliver an album like for Kimberley Walsh... The thread can be closed for now if you want. But there is something that caught my attention Heidi performing??? Solo???
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    Pokemon Anime and beyond

    Apparently tommorow we will get some more news about X and Y games but the off topic is still unavaible so i've decided to create a temporary thread for us. Afterall Pokemon is a tv show aswell. Feel free to close it after off topic is back or we can use it for anime series discussions.
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    Kitchen Party (New Girlgroup)

    The trio previously known as WooWoos. I've decided to start new thread since they've changed the lineup and name. The girls are Alice, Jess and Tanisha Twitter Official site You can download the free EP "11th FLOOR" from the site Tracklist Track 1. Hate those girls Track 2...
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    Rachel Platten

    Rachel Platten is an American pop singer-songwriter and she has released two albums so far: Trust In Me in 2003 and Be Here in 2011. Here are some of the songs:
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    Silent Hill: Revelation 3D This trailer looks so good! Im super excited about it! Release date 26 october US, 31 october UK Its based on third game (Too bad about second game was omitted).
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    Vanquish - New Girlband

    Their single The Harder You Love And official site "Vanquish – four very special girls, one very special sound. Bee, Holly, Lizzy, Rianna – four independent spirits who make the world a brighter, more fun...
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    Sherry Davis - Ain't That Love Very nice song,soon will be avaible as a free download. Feeling very Mutya vibes from this song. By the way Sugababes v1 were spotted on Sherry's gig last year
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    Cat Betrayed His Girlfriend

    The video is old and most of you have probably seen it already but i havent Loving such videos.