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  1. Butterfly

    The Real Housewives of New York

  2. Butterfly

    UK Politics: Misery, The Sequel

    If he was capable of being anything other than a spineless cunt, public opinion would not have shifted to the point that it is at now. I will never vote for this evil man while he continues to help demonise trans people & refugees.
  3. Butterfly

    Kelly Clarkson - 10th Album

    Another double single moment isn't a bad idea so long as only one of them gets the proper push (and that push is better than last time around...). Can't believe this is is so close now.
  4. Butterfly

    Rina Sawayama - Hold The Girl

    Does anyone know what % screentime she has in the movie? I wanna go see it but haven't sat through a film with a male protagonist in like 10 years.
  5. Butterfly

    Demi Lovato - “Still Alive” + HOLY FVCK

    I've had the original on repeat today and honestly, it doesn't get enough credit. Reaction to the rock version snippet has been really positive on TikTok - a mini re-recorded GH wouldn't be a bad idea to get people back on side. Also scream @ Demi liking this.
  6. Butterfly

    Aly & AJ - With Love From

    It's don't think it's as good as A Touch of the Beat but that alone is not really an issue, it's such a high bar. The production doesn't always work for me personally. With Love From & Sunchoke, for example, feel like they'd have been easy 10s if they were produced with the last album. It's...
  7. Butterfly

    Aly & AJ - With Love From

    I hate Pitchfork for ignoring the opus that was A Touch of the Beat and reviewing this instead. Their takeaway being that they need to go less pop is also… interesting!
  8. Butterfly

    V V Brown - 4th Album

    According to VV. Her independent albums both got re-uploaded under Universal too.
  9. Butterfly

    Sugababes - The Lost Tapes (Deluxe)

    Miley’s Flowers was actually flopping before the Radio 2 Piano Room cover.
  10. Butterfly

    Scream 6 *SPOILERS*

    Especially when Judy Hicks is right there. I need a second watch to confirm but the VI punch was probably my movie highlight.
  11. Butterfly

    V V Brown - 4th Album

    The new era is coming! Lead should be out this month based on previous comments, she's wiped her Instagram outside of the new post.
  12. Butterfly

    Charli XCX - CRASH

    That sounds like a dream. I need production to start immediately.
  13. Butterfly

    Aly & AJ - With Love From

    The full set from the album release show has been uploaded!
  14. Butterfly

    Ariana Grande - 7th Album

    There was one for an Ariana song a few weeks ago where the organiser stole all the money to pay their student loan.
  15. Butterfly

    Demi Lovato - “Still Alive” + HOLY FVCK

    There were a few played though they may have been different mixes with the original vocals just for the tour?
  16. Butterfly

    Aly & AJ - With Love From

    We basically know their whole setlist (with an asterisk next to 4 songs they may have changed). Just goes to show what a wealth of great music they have to miss off classics like Paradise.
  17. Butterfly

    Demi Lovato - “Still Alive” + HOLY FVCK

    Yes which is why she reworked it in the first place dd.
  18. Butterfly

    Demi Lovato - “Still Alive” + HOLY FVCK

    I didn’t even realise at first it’s the ten year anniversary. Scary how fast that has gone, her first true post-Disney moment.
  19. Butterfly

    Delilah Belle - Nothing Lasts Forever

    It's cute! Could just do with her dialling up the cig-bait musically.
  20. Butterfly

    Jennifer Lopez - This Is Me… Now (2023)

    4U EP earned Ms. Milian the right to attend these events in perpetuity. Cute rebuttal to the overblown situation between them too.