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  1. Fair Haired Fool

    Aly & AJ - With Love From

    I just listened to Joan of Arc for the first time in ages. I enjoyed it more than I remember but it really is quite a bonkers entry in their discography. It reminds me of how Games for Girls stands out like dog’s balls on Say Lou Lou’s debut.
  2. Fair Haired Fool

    Kim Petras - "brrr" + General Discussion

    I’m late but I love her warbling cover of Running… there’s something captivating about a modern day pop star with such a complex relationship with gender singing a song about gender politics.
  3. Fair Haired Fool

    Aly & AJ - With Love From

    The album art for me is much more effective cropped on the cd version. I’m not sure I love the giant text though. Maybe even have the title organically appearing in the photoshoot, embroidered onto one of their vests maybe?
  4. Fair Haired Fool

    Rita Ora - "You Only Love Me" + 3rd Album

    I’ve only listened through once but there’s something about it I like. The mid-tempo stop-start sound of it would normally bug but it isn’t. Irrelevant to the music but - is there a more gorgeous woman on the planet? She’s so stunning.
  5. Fair Haired Fool

    Rita Ora - "You Only Love Me" + 3rd Album

    Oh cool, thanks for the insight - I didn’t even know it was rumoured they married.
  6. Fair Haired Fool

    Rita Ora - "You Only Love Me" + 3rd Album

    I don’t really understand the point of the wedding idea in that promo video but I hope that’s the actual instrumental of the track at the end and not a beefed up version, because that sounds monstrous. Bring it on, Reet.
  7. Fair Haired Fool

    Alison Goldfrapp - "So Hard So Hot" + The Love Invention (May 12)

    This doesn’t sound like anything in Goldfrapp’s catalogue to me. It also sounds a bit like a tour interlude, which is not necessarily a bad thing. I think the fact that this sounds so separate to Goldfrapp is actually a good thing, it creates a lot more anticipation about what’s to come from Alison.
  8. Fair Haired Fool

    Sky Ferreira - "Don't Forget" + General Discussion

    I’m not totally across all of the unreleased tracks - is that Descending in her Insta post from today? At least this is movement of some kind. She’s publicly acknowledging she wants to release the music, fans are clamouring about how much they want it. It’s movement - better than all these...
  9. Fair Haired Fool

    The Real Housewives of Melbourne

    Correct me if I’m right …
  10. Fair Haired Fool

    The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

    I’m a few episodes behind - this yacht scene is triggering me. People bobbing around out of rhythm like unenthusiastic toddlers to the worst music ever made while screaming at me to “JOIN IN THE FUN!!!b” “DANCE!!!!!!!!l” Soldiers in the trenches at war look like they’re having more fun than...
  11. Fair Haired Fool

    The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

    Bravo need to stop consulting the social media herd regarding casting. These shows are mindnumbingly boring without villains. Bring them all back!
  12. Fair Haired Fool

    The Real Housewives of Melbourne

    Two rights at times don’t make - it’s not necessarily right.
  13. Fair Haired Fool

    The Real Housewives of Melbourne

    Season 2 is so well cast. I’ve only watched the major franchises but I think from what I’ve seen it’s the best cast. It reminds me of when NYC bulked up its cast and introduced Heather, Aviva and Carol. Big casts really allow the dynamics to spin. Everyone on season 2 is a top tier housewife...
  14. Fair Haired Fool

    Girls Aloud

    Are you speaking of the rumour that GA are on background vocals on My Love Is Better? I thought that was a false rumour. Or was Annie in the mix somewhere on a GA track?
  15. Fair Haired Fool

    Troye Sivan - "You Know What I Need” + 3rd Album

    Troye's vocals have never sounded more engaging than with Pnau's delicate effects layed over them.
  16. Fair Haired Fool

    The Real Housewives of Melbourne

    I can’t yet tell if editing is making Lydiot look more daft than she is or whether.. she’s just that much of an airhead (in the best way). “You've been friends for a long time” “No!” “Well you've been friends for 8 years” “No!” “Well.. you’ve known each other a long time..” “No!” She’s serving...
  17. Fair Haired Fool

    The Real Housewives of Melbourne

    I’ve started season 1 on my first ever viewing. I’m up to the Mission Beach trip (I went to my good friend’s wedding at that resort!) Does Jackie ever settle down in her interviews? Bouncing off the walls… Of all the girls she clearly had watched a lot of the Housewives franchise before...
  18. Fair Haired Fool

    The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

    I was listening to a podcast and heard the take that Salt Lake is the horror version of housewives and since then it connected so many dots for me. The haunting choral vocal exercises they use for the music, bizarre camera angles used fleetingly… why were we watching Meredith talk to her sister...
  19. Fair Haired Fool

    Nicola Roberts

    In my dreams Richard would have finished off Head to sound like the bleep-bop masterpiece Ralph Macchio. And final title would have to be ‘Lost My Head’. Sigh! Why do we daydream and torture ourselves like this…