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  1. evangelion

    PJ Manchester Pop Social

    So I’ve been thinking about this for a while and wanted to see if there was any interest in a meet-up/social for any and all Manchester (or nearby!) based posters, just to have a drink and chat about the same stuff we drone on about on here? It wouldn’t be any kind of massive organised event...
  2. evangelion

    Anyone having issues on mobile?

    I can't seem to access the forum on mobile anymore (since this morning) - the page partly loads but then stops, nothing can be clicked on, like there's an ad that maybe hasn't loaded properly over the page? Then it goes to an error message saying it failed to load due to multiple problems on...
  3. evangelion

    Need some help! Amanda Ghost question!

    So, I really like Amanda Ghost, have done since the release of Filthy Mind many many moons ago. However, there is ONE song I have heard, but now cannot find. It used to be on her MySpace long ago, it was called Joyride, and I was wondering if anyone knows where I can hear it...
  4. evangelion

    The Middle

    So does anyone watch The Middle? I think it's fantastic, just finished watching the third season and have really enjoyed it after not really paying any attention to it when seeing it was on. Have massive love for Sue, and Brick is hilarious. It's nice to see Axl have a human side every now...
  5. evangelion

    the Undateables - Channel 4

    Did anyone else watch the Undateables tonight? "People living with challenging conditions are often considered 'undateable' - this series meets a few and follows their attempts to find love" I really liked the nice French lady that Richard...
  6. evangelion

    Songs with promising outros?

    Recently I've been thinking about why some songs have really promising outros as they fade, and wondering why? I'm referring to songs that maybe introduce a new vocal line or a new section just as the fade is happening... I always wonder why they waste it! The only example I can think of right...
  7. evangelion

    Guano Apes - Bel Air (Album) and Oh What A Night (Single)

    So Guano Apes would never have really been a Popjustice band, but the new album is definitely a lot more accessible to pop fans than their first few (although Walking on a Thin Line was definitely single heavy) So anyway, they're back after splitting up in 2005 with a new album which is really...
  8. evangelion

    127 Hours

    So I saw this last night, and really enjoyed it. Not a Danny Boyle fan at all, but thought it was a great film! Anyone else seen and enjoyed?
  9. evangelion

    what song does this sound like??

    I heard Faraway by Gala for the first time today (when listening to the amazing Let A Boy Cry on YouTube) and it sounds just like another song but I cannot remember what it is, unless I'm just making it up. The vocal melody of the verses is the main part. Any help appreciated...
  10. evangelion

    Jesse Video - Front Page

    fuck the video. how cool was the remix of Madonna, Power of Goodbye!?
  11. evangelion

    Leona Naess

    Wow, never expected to see her on the front page here. Anyone else a fan? Her 'I Tried To Rock You But You Only Roll' is a brilliant pop album, like her 0304 as it's so different from her other stuff, you should check it out. Great tracks are All The Stars, Boys Like You, and the title track. :)
  12. evangelion

    Robyn - Be Mine! (Next Single)

    So from the email that got sent out to the Robyn mailing list today we can safely assume Be Mine is the next single! It also confirms that there will indeed be a new video!!! Excited?
  13. evangelion

    Patrick Wolf - Latest Blog!

    haha Patrick put a bulletin on myspace today... simply... "mika is a twat" haha made me laugh. discuss
  14. evangelion

    Tegan & Sara (So Jealous, The Con, Sainthood, Get Along)

    Any other Tegan & Sara fans here? They are just about to release their new album, ''The COn'' and it''s brilliant... I''m hoping they''ll get some more recognition this album cycle, and it seems they might, nearly all their UK tour dates have sold out, which was a bit of a suprise for me, but...
  15. evangelion

    Great Middle Bits!!!

    Just been listening to Let Me Love You by Geri Halliwell (of all people) and it got to the middle section... "if a girl loves a boy, and she loves a girl... what can you do? at the end of the day, there''s nothin left to say... but i love you." and was just thinking how good it is... the...
  16. evangelion

    Robyn - With Every Heartbeat (New Video)

    hey the new video has surfaced... it''s not on youtube yet but can be found here: what do you think?
  17. evangelion

    Alanis Morissette - Flavors of Entanglement

    great news in my opinion... i hope he can get something new out of her, would be interesting to hear some more electronic sounds from her, kinda like Would Not Come from SFIJ. Here''s a new song she performed recently with Guy, ''Not As We'' - clearly about the breakup from Ryan Reynolds...
  18. evangelion

    New CocoRosie Album

    So CocoRosie release their new album The Adventures of Ghosthorse and Stillborn on 9th April... It's freaking great, they are definately getting better and better, Noah's Ark was a great album, but this takes it a step further. Check out the single Rainbowarriors on their myspace - great indie...
  19. evangelion

    Patrick Wolf - The Magic Position (Video)

    check out Paddy's new video!! it's really cool, loving the colours :D
  20. evangelion


    so... who here has bought into the huge money making media empire that is myspace? what do you use it for... do you have a ghastly over-edited page that makes it impossible to read what you've written? do you have 9 million friends, of which you know about 4? come on share you're experience...