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    Cathy Dennis

    Was bored, so decided to make today Cathy Dennis Listening Day. Favourite album is oddly Into The Skyline although the singles from Move To This are flawless. If anyone knows where I can get hold of a copy of the 1991 remix album Move To The Mixes...
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    Mommie Dearest (new boyband)

    For those of you in mourning over Boy Banned and looking to fill that "a bit gay boyband" void in your lives... Look no further! *cackle*
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    Aerea Negrot - Arabxilla

    Discovered this album last week by one of the main vocalists on the most recent Hercules and Love Affair record. It's delightfully nuts. Wondered if anyone else had checked it out? If you're curious, this article sums her music up quite well...
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    Festivals 2011

    Jealous of everyone who'd been to Glastonbury and my sister is doing Reading so just booked tickets for Lovebox Sunday, which looks AMAZING. Anyone else planning on going to any others this year/?
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    New series airing in the UK from tonight. Supposedly it's awful, but as it's got Joseph Fiennes, Jamie Campbell-Bower (Keira Knightley boy from Sweeney Todd) and EVA GREEN in, I shall be giving it a go.
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    Welsh language electro-pop group

    A while ago - I think about 18 months or so, Popjustice did a post on a Welsh-language electro-pop group. I THINK their name began with an 'm' - what was their name?!
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    Lover Lover 'Freebirds' 'Freebirds' is the debut single from Lover Lover, due to be released on 2nd May on Cross Keys Records. Basically if you liked Seventh Tree by Goldfrapp, you might like this. It's like Country music, but without being American and therefore getting on...
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    Stooshe - London With The Lights On

    I have a new favourite girlband. Amazing. Discuss.
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    Bedlam (New series with Will Young)

    Just caught the first episode. A bit silly but surprisingly not crap. Anyone else see this?
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    Aqua - Megalomania

    Old news, but thought it deserved a thread. "Aqua's third album is scheduled for Spring 2011 (15/11/2010) Aqua have been very quiet this year, as they are busy in the studio recording their third album. Past Friday, Lene appeared on Det Nye Talkshow (danish TV), where she confirmed that many...
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    7 years ago to the day...

    Lest we forget...
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    Which UK singers/bands are bigger abroad than in their home country?

    Sophie Ellis-Bextor in Russia, obviously. And Kim Wilde is still vaguely successful in Germany.
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    Joe Worricker

    Came across him today. Really nice voice...not exactly ugly either!
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    Lip Service

    BBC3's new lesbinanian drama. Thoughts?
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    Uncensored The Fame Monster

    In the UK while I know that the physical version of The Fame Monster is censored, is the digital version censored as well?
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    Nurse Jackie

    Anyone else watch this? It's like a cross between Six Feet Under and House. I watched a few random episodes of Season 2 with a mate and got completely hooked. Having started from the beginning I'm now on Episode 4. Still great.
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    Rev - New BBC Comedy

    Anyone else watching this? I think it's gently hilarious.
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    Lady GaGa at the Salem Witch Trials

    I don't normally find these parody videos funny, but this for some reason is an exception:
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    When dancers mess up

    Watching all the impeccable tv and tour performances of pop acts, it occurred to me that I've never seen any performances where one (or more) of the dancers messes up the choreography or slips/trips. Any good examples?
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    Prince of Persia

    Anyone seen this? I know it's popcorn guff and although I normally like films with a bit of depth, a film now and again where you can leave your brain outside of the cinema is always good. Clash of the Titans was a bit too shit for me, but this does look a bit better and it also has Gemma...