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  1. mrp2910

    Darren Hayes - Homosexual

    So is something happening? I've not had the email (rude)
  2. mrp2910

    Peach / Audio Peach

    Call them a rip off of Saint Ettienne or a faceless act but I love them.
  3. mrp2910

    Muppets Now. (Disney +)

    Out today. (Couldn't see a thread other than the last movie.) Getting good reviews so far. Haven't watched it myself yet. Pity Kermit sounds a bit off these days.
  4. mrp2910

    Daybreak on Netflix

    Couldn't find a thread with search so apologies if there is one. Anyone watching? Up to episode 6 and loving it.
  5. mrp2910

    Sonic the Hedgehog - Film Franchise

    Detective Pikachu gets it. Sonic not so much. Apologies if already a thread. Couldn't locate using the search function.
  6. mrp2910

    Clare Maguire

    Apologies but I couldn't find the old thread. In the most random news of the day I recieved a Christmas card. Clare is recording new music and sent me a card to tell me.
  7. mrp2910

    Songs you feel smug about liking.

    What song where you championing or know about long before it had chart impact or be cool to be listening to it. My first two are from back in the day are Bought them on the original releases for them to be massive hits months later on the re release.
  8. mrp2910

    Songs you have only just discovered.

    Couldn't find a thread. Inspired by a comment in comeback corner. Here's the place to post songs you never knew existed and have now discovered. As a part time Dolly fan I only heard this a few months back thanks to Spotify. What a tune!
  9. mrp2910

    Ana Matronic

    Finally. If there's a thread please merge. (And sorry for double posting in the Scissor Sisters thread)
  10. mrp2910

    Jake Shears

    Now that he is out there and touring alone surely we can have a thread. So have any clips of the new songs appeared? Apologies if there is already a thread. I could only find the Scissor Sisters one.
  11. mrp2910

    Tom Holland (New Spiderman) as Rihanna This is completely amazing.
  12. mrp2910

    Almighty Records

    Apologies if this is in the wrong place. Feel free to move. Almighty Records. Traditionally associated with gay bars and the like they were responsible for many a great cover version, remix and the amazing Abbacadabra project. Have been listening to some of the back catalogue all week.
  13. mrp2910

    Warm Bodies

    I can't wait.
  14. mrp2910

    Chucky TV series - Childs play

    Apologises if there is a thread else where but just been confirmed that a new chucky film is being made. It's set after Childs Play 3 so no mention of Tiffany or Glen. I love these films. Shame it's straight to DVD but at least it seems it's being made...
  15. mrp2910

    The 90s return! Who would you like back?

    So with the return of late 90s acts such as Steps, Gina G and Aqua, who would you like back? My vote lies with JX.
  16. mrp2910

    Tim Berg - Bromance (the love you seek)

  17. mrp2910

    Milla - The Divine comedy.

    Whilst watching The Rules of Attraction last night I heard a song that I hadn't noticed before and decided to check it out. Turns out it was only bloody Milla Jovovich - gentlemen who fell (or something like that.) So found out she had an album and need to know if its worth a purchase. Its about...
  18. mrp2910


    Just watched it. Loved it. Action film with a great story.
  19. mrp2910

    Manchester Pride 2010.

    Will anybody be attending?
  20. mrp2910


    Ok so I am a bit crazy, ok looking and a complete loon. I suggest you add me (vasilios already has. Thats endorsement in itself). Find me Paul Alejandro Pryke.