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  1. unidan82

    Remember Monday - UK Country Girlband

    Surely I can't be the only one on PJ who listens to Remember Monday (apologies if my searching didn't bring up any previous posts) They were on The Voice a few years back but I don't think did that well - however they seem to have really worked on their sound and written lots of great songs...
  2. unidan82

    Pop Idol - The 2023 Return

    It has been reported by various news sources that Pop Idol may get a 20th Anniversary season. I think we do need something, with no X Factor or anything like this, the only singing outlet is The Voice...
  3. unidan82

    Smoke 2 Seven

    Wasnt sure whether to post this in the retirement bit, but does anyone remember this girl trio? i thought ENVY was a fantastic song and i still play it all the time. i remember something about their record company screwin them over so that they couldnt ever get another deal or perform together...
  4. unidan82

    Making The Band - UK (Popstars)

    What does everyone feel about a making the band in the UK? i really think we are in desperate need of a proper, and talented 5 piece boy/girl band. We're never going to get a good group on X-Factor, cos they all form themselves. I really think manufactured is best. Would they have pub footie...
  5. unidan82

    Making The Band - Girlband

    Anyone have any idea what's happening with them? they keep replaying the episodes on the music channels. i really like the songs they come up with, especially the one with aubrey, Aundrea & Malika - who i think are actually in the band? anyone have any info? dan