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    Strictly Come Dancing 2013

    AND SO IT BEGINS. The Sun claim to have the line up and most places are reporting it as accurate: Mark Benton Abbey Clancy Ben Cohen Sophie Ellis-Bextor Vanessa Feltz Fiona Fullerton Natalie Gumede Tony Jacklin Julien Macdonald Deborah Meaden Dave Myers Susanna Reid Rachel Riley...
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    Where have I heard Sleigh Bells 'Infinity Guitars' before?

    In a weird reverse of how these things usually work, i've just got the Treats album but I know i've heard Infinity Guitars before. I feel like the "aaa-aaa-aaa" bits are used in a certain TV show to cut between scenes or ad breaks...but a quick google hasn't helped me out. Any ideas?
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    Well, Don't Save Me and Send Me Down are totally brilliant. Other factors are irrelevant.
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    Frankie Cocozza - She's Got A Motorcycle My entire flat has now seen this video three times and someone always ends up on the floor screaming with mirth. Are you having a bad day? This is my gift to you. ENJOY.
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    Thoughts? The pilot was a few steps away from amazing, and I hope the show can build on that. But at the moment I have to admit it's more the concept than the execution that holds my interest.
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    BBC Sound Of 2012

    The longlist has been announced. A$AP Rocky Azealia Banks Dot Rotten Dry The River Flux Pavilion Frank Ocean Friends Jamie N Commons Lianne La Havas Michael Kiwanuka Niki & The Dove Ren Harvieu Skrillex Spector Stooshe OH DEAR.
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    Trailer: Hmmm.
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    The Collective - Teardrop

    Oh dear.
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    Tinker Tailor Solider Spy (spoilers)

    Quite possibly the worst, most boring film I have ever had the misfortune to sit through. I beg you, do not go and see it. Save yourself.
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    Sia - Healing Is Difficult

    Can anyone find me somewhere that I can buy this album? The only place i've found is on Amazon and that's for about £15. Her actual debut (OnlySee) seems to be totally absent from time and space as well, so if anyone could help me with either of these i'd appreciate it.
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    Bad Lip Reading

    ...are basically varying degrees of brilliant. If you haven't already heard of them, or know what they do, they basically take a well known pop video, maybe juggle it around a little bit, and put a new lyrics and a new melody (and new production) over the top. The only real way to know how...
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    A Difficult Dilemma.

    Should I move spam with questions in the title to the Q&A section before I delete them? I'd rather if they posted random shit they at least knew to post it in the correct place.
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    Bridges so tremendous that the chorus can't compare.

    Quite a common problem with modern pop songs. Some bridges are simply too brilliant and build up too much to choruses that just aren't on that level of "wow" that the middle eight led you to suspect. Several suspects: Diana Vickers - Remake Me + You Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Bittersweet Cher Lloyd...
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    Horrible Bosses

    Could it be good? Probably not.
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    An example of how easy it is to use the same chord progression Absolutely amazing. If you ignore the rubbish comedy.
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    Is anyone making R&B anymore?

    Following on from a brief discussion in the Notorious thread I thought i'd start a proper topic because it seems like one people are interested in. With so many old R&B acts jumping on the dance bandwagon (see the 'State of the charts thread' for further info) i'm really starting to miss what's...
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    20% Off at

    20OFFHMV - the code. Go nuts.
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    Artists/Albums That Cloud Your Judgement

    You know the kind; Devil's Got Your Gold for me is the perfect pop album and I find it incredibly difficult to hear a bad word against it. I'm vaguely aware that it's not totally perfect but i'll never let myself believe it. Basically, I want to know the albums or even the artists that you just...
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    Bjork. Should I Bother? If So, Why?

    I have heard It's Oh So Quiet. It's alright in a "novelty record" sort of way. I have heard Army Of Me. It is utterly amazing. But I feel a strange lack of motivation to explore her vast back catalogue. Should I? Why should I? And if I should, where should I start? Please help me with these...
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    Posts: leet

    Erm...what? Am I missing something?