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  1. andymc35


    María and Cristina have dropped a new single this weekend. Very similar mould to their (boppy) 2017 album I Belong to Your Heart.
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    Kat Von D - Love Made Me Do It

    Love Made Me Do It album due August 27th. 1. Vanish Intro 2. Vanish 3. Enough 4. Exorcism 5. Protected 6. Fear You 7. I Am Nothing 8. Lost At Sea 9. Interlude 10. Pretending 11. Easier Sung Than Said 12. The Calling I never knew Kat had any musical ambitions, but I’m really loving Exorcism...
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    Daphne Guinness - Hallucinations and Third Album

    Fashion muse Daphne Guinness has released a couple of really great psychedelic, glam rock-inspired albums - Optimist in Black and Daphne and the Golden Chord. There’s a theatricality to her voice and she makes a nice fit for Tony Visconti’s production. She’s released her new single today which...
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    Daphne Guinness - Revelations (3rd Album)

    Daphne Guinness' second album, Daphne and the Golden Chord, is streaming now. It's a lot more upbeat than Optimist in Black and she seems to be having quite a bit of fun on this album. Very art pop/rock and Bowie/Bolan inspired - Tony Visconti produces again. 1. Deja Vu Guru 2. But I'm Not 3...
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    Drag Race Music

    So many of stars from RuPaul's Drag Race are releasing music, I thought this would be a nice idea to keep people in the loop/discuss the Queen's latest opuses. I'm very excited about Trixie's One Stone coming in a couple of weeks. Also loving Bebe's Kisses and Feathers EP Surely with...
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    Jinkx Monsoon - The Ginger Snapped

    Out next week! 1. What’s On 2. She Evil (featuring Fred Schneider) 3. Cartoons and Vodka 4. Boys in the Band (featuring Amanda Palmer) 5. I Just Wanna Make Love To You 6. Just Me (The Gender Binary Blues) 7. Friends 8. Sugar Mama 9. This Town 10. Pianoman (featuring Lady Rizo) 11. Take It Back...
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    Giabiconi - Love To Love You Baby

    Aesthetically pleasing Frenchman Baptiste Giabiconi released his latest single last week, a tropical-house reinterpretation of Giorgio & Donna's classic - complete with those What Do You Mean? panpipes. It's very trashy but I'm hooked and he looks gorgeous in the video. Mr. Lagerfeld has good...
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    Marie Osmond - Music is Medicine

    It's the comeback we have all been waiting for. How did the SisQo' collaboration happen? Genuinely excited though. 1. Music Is Medicine 2. Unbreak This Breakup 3. Give Me A Good Song (feat.SisQo’) 4. Getting Better (feat. Oliva Newton John) 5. Baby Your Crazy 6. I’d Love To Be Your Last (feat...
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    Holly Johnson - Europa (4th Solo Album)

    Just noticed this on Holly Johnson's website It seems that Erasure aren't the only classic pop act releasing a new album in September. I'm really pleased to see that Holly Johnson is also promoting a brand new album on his latest solo tour - it has been so long since the amazing Soulstream...
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    Giorgio Moroder - Déjà vu (2015)

    A few more details about the new Giorgio Moroder album have been released. In the Italian Wired magazine he's mentioned a few collaborators on the album which sounds really promising. As well as R. Kelly, Leona and Lana, he's also been collaborating with Kelis. He says it's due out in about...
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    The Comeback (2005)

    Any other fans of this short-lived Lisa Kudrow HBO series? It has that tragic yet laugh out loud style like Curb Your Enthusiasm, Party Down, and Web Therapy. Easily the best thing that Lisa Kudrow has ever done. "What's your name?" "Kevin?" "Costner?" E! are reporting that HBO have...
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    Tropical Pop / Steel Drums

    Bizarre question, but does anyone have suggestions for pop music with a tropical flair and/or that uses steel drums? I've got the obvious ones - Jimmy Buffet (e.g. Margaritaville etc.), Lionel Richie (the Tuskegee album), Blondie (Island of Lost Souls/The Tide Is High) and Elton John (Island...
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    RuPaul - Born Naked (Feb 24th)

    Anyone else excited for RuPaul's latest studio album? It's produced by Lucian Piane and features duets with Martha Wash, Michelle Visage, Big Freedia and Frankmusik. No mention of his duet with La Toya which is a bit disappointing. I still live for Glamazon and Champion, so cannot wait to...
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    Hazell Dean - In The Name Of (New Album)

    Hazell Dean is back with a new album, released digitally today. A physical release with bonus tracks is to follow next week - only available through Energise Records (for £16.50!). Tracklist This Is My Life (Original Mix) 5.51 Can you Feel It 5.30 Shattered Glass 6.29 Never Can Say...
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    Where do you pre-order?

    I used to pre-order from HMV who were great, with releases normally coming on either the Friday or Saturday before their launch. However, the past few times that I've ordered from them, the earliest has been the Wednesday after release. I've been going to Sainsbury's Entertainment recently...
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    Ultravox - Brilliant (2012)

    Ultravox are back with their first studio album since 1994. The single, Brilliant, has been making the round on BBCR2 and I have to admit I really like it. There's also a new Visage album on the way, which should be appearing at the end of the year + A-ha's Morten Harket's new solo album out in...