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  1. marie_05

    Top of the Pops BBC4

    He was/is (?) a good friend of Robbie’s and I think he was on stage with him at some point too. Fun fact: Max starred in a show called Bodies and then Robbie went on to release a single called Bodies. I mainly remember Max for Hotel Babylon, in which he played the main character.
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    The DJ mentioned watching the documentary on YouTube after playing Sita during their 00s show. You can actually listen to it here (it’s about 13 minutes into today’s show):
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    The documentary was mentioned on 3FM just 5 minutes ago!
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    Annoying Things They Do in Songs

    It’s not irrational. This is my fight song Take back my life song Prove I'm alright song Horrendous!
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    Worst album covers

    I actually thought the singer looked a bit like Mark Owen back in the day.
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    Worst album covers

    Mew - And The Glass Handed Kites. What in the actual hell was this all about? I stumbled upon this again while going through my music collection and it was even worse than I remembered. I get that the band name is supposed to look like two hands, but the rest is just earth-shatteringly awful...
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    Well, I’m only going to place smaller orders on Discogs now! Also, why would anyone leave a package in plain sight when they can just put it right in front of the garbage where no passer-by can see it? Make it make sense!
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    Nope! I have a new theory now. It has now happened a few times that stuff I ordered online (not CDs) was just dumped on the doorstep of my back door rather than taken either to a PostNL service point or the neighbours. The problem is that everyone who walks down the street has a full view of my...
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    I’m with you on the subject of completing collections, but my Sugababes collection will never be complete because there’s no way Sweet 7 is ever going to enter this house! Yes, those shipping fees on Discogs are often 10 times the price of the actual CD. The problem is that most of my favourite...
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    The 4th single from an album campaign - the thread. Your favourites and thoughts.

    Absolutely! Probably still my favourite track of hers. Even though I don’t particularly care for it myself, surely Angels has to be the ultimate 4th single? We’ll never know how Robbie‘s career would have turned out without it! As for personal favourites, Everywhere by Fleetwood Mac wins this...
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    The wonder of Curve

    And most of their albums still aren’t available on streaming services or iTunes! I mean, I have the CDs, but it feels like a huge missed opportunity for their music to reach a slightly wider audience through public playlists and stuff. I’ve spoken to several people who apparently discovered some...
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    Music Unavailable on Digital (and Getting It There!)

    Well, the album ‘The World Is Outside’ by Ghosts still isn’t on Spotify, iTunes etc. Also: nearly the entire Curve discography apart from Doppelgänger and The Way Of Curve.
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    There was one back in the day, but nowadays I don’t think there’s anything apart from the band‘s Facebook and Twitter (yes, I still call it that) pages. That being said, the song Are You Ready suddenly appeared on YouTube right out of nowhere a while ago, so maybe there’s hope for Misadventure!
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    Well, this is all I know: - It’s an outtake from the Star Tiger Star Ariel era. - I found out about it not too long ago through stumbling upon an ancient post on the band’s Facebook page. They mentioned a code for a free download on the band’s website that came with some versions of the album...
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    Urgh, I just have to rant about the fact that - being a completist - it annoys me to no end that it’s impossible to complete your collections for some artists. I wish I didn’t care so much about rarities! This is mainly an issue with smaller acts. One example is that I’ll probably spend the...
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    Sinéad O'Connor

    Another icon gone way too soon. I can only echo what others have said already: hopefully she has finally found her peace now. Even though she was very much a household name, she still seemed underrated. A great talent and a unique, distinctive voice. Very sad news.
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    The Gathering / Anneke Van Giersbergen - General Discussion

    By far the best Dutch band for me, especially the Souvenirs era. I’m not too familiar with the non-Anneke stuff as I kind of lost interest when she left, though. And I’m finally going to see her live next year!
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    So basically, within the timeframe between this post and now I ordered a CD from China and actually received it last Friday (!!!), but still no sign of my UK package. I still wonder what happened to it? I think the main thing to take away from this is that it’s probably not a good idea to order...
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    It's Me Against The Music: Revisiting/Sorting Out My Music Collection - Round 2!

    You’re getting better at this! This whole Take That thing now is a damn mess, so binning them is understandable. I honestly have no idea what to do with them myself at this point, I’m on a break with them for the time being and I guess I’ll just have to wait and see what the future holds. I...
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    They usually send an e-mail to let you know where the package was delivered (in my case they often give it to the neighbours who work from home or deliver it at the DIY store). They used to leave a note in the mailbox, but I think it’s all digital now. But then, how would PostNL know my e-mail...