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  1. ElectricKnight

    House of the Dragon

    Season 1 was one of the best things on TV last year, this looks amazing as ever - bring it on!
  2. ElectricKnight

    Oscar Bait 2023-2024

    Agree with all of this, Charles Melton and Natalie Portman were so good - give them all the awards. Such a strange, unsettling movie with superb performances, I've been thinking about it all weekend.
  3. ElectricKnight


    So good tonight, yet again! I'm glad Ravi let Eve go - she's now a ticking time bomb for Nish as she will eventually return. If it doesn't happen before Christmas then it kind of rules out Nish or Ravi being the Vic murder victim as you would want them around whenever she comes back for the...
  4. ElectricKnight


    I hope to God they don't too, one of my favourite characters (but imagine the drama if they do!). Superb episode, the tension was so good.
  5. ElectricKnight

    Kylie Minogue - Extension: The Extended Mixes (Dec 8)

    It's really nice, but £50 for one tiny christmas tree decoration? Yikes!
  6. ElectricKnight

    Now That's What I Call Music (Nostalgia)

    NOW 11 was my first ever NOW and I never looked back - it was essential that we got them for birthdays and Christmases every year up to about NOW 35. They are such a time capsule of my teenage years, just one look at the tracklisting of these and I'm transported back in time. In terms of artwork...
  7. ElectricKnight

    Horror films

    LOVE this movie, watched it so many times in my teenage years. Ray Liotta was so good in it. Single White Female was another absolute favourite from the same time period that's in a similar vein.
  8. ElectricKnight

    Taylor Swift - 1989 (Taylor's Version) + Re-Recordings

    Is It Over Now? has me in a vice grip - the lyrics, the production, her vocals are just so so good. The pre-chorus that starts with "let's fast forward to 300 awkward blind dates later" is just *chef's kiss*. Cannot stop listening to it.
  9. ElectricKnight

    Take That - This Life

    Had a listen earlier and really liked what I heard. Love the title track and Mind Full of Madness stood out too.
  10. ElectricKnight


    Clean My Mac is a great app that you can use to scan your MacBook for any viruses and malware and have them removed, and it does really great tidy ups across the entire system getting rid of rubbish that you wouldn't even know was there and freeing up lots of space on the hard drive.
  11. ElectricKnight

    Taylor Swift - 1989 (Taylor's Version) + Re-Recordings

    This is gorgeous. This song is fast becoming one of my favourite vault songs across all the TV's.
  12. ElectricKnight


    I liked him for a while and found his bumbling idiot shtick kind of charming, but I feel they’re pushing his oddness too far now it’s definitely starting to feel a bit creepy. Obviously there’ll be drama when the wife wakes up and he’s spent all her money on Sonia who’s up the duff!
  13. ElectricKnight

    Interview With The Vampire

    I have binged it over the past week and only have the finale left to watch and it is fucking stunning. I am mesmerised by the whole thing - Jacob Anderson and Sam Reid are astoundingly good and Bailey Bass is a revelation. Was not expecting something on this level.
  14. ElectricKnight

    Taylor Swift - 1989 (Taylor's Version) + Re-Recordings

    All 5 vault tracks are excellent. Every time they come on I’m swept up in them. I adore those dreamy, Midnights-style vocals & production.
  15. ElectricKnight

    Vinyljustice 2.0

    I'm a vinyl newbie this week and I bought the Audio Technica LP60XBT turntable along with Edifier R1700BT speakers to go with it (total cost €400) and I'm so thrilled with everything. Easy to set up, and the sound is fantastic. The speakers are great as they are bluetooth so you can also connect...
  16. ElectricKnight

    Sheryl Crow

    Not sure about this, it's more of that sanitised "rock" she's been peddling for years (not to mention the anodyne lyrics about being woken up by her alarm clock!). I adore her but I really wish she'd get back to the grungier, more real sound of what made those first 3 albums so stunning. Still...
  17. ElectricKnight


    Rinse & repeat of Suki and Kheerat in the Panesars storyline, only the opposite.
  18. ElectricKnight


    This Keanu storyline is utterly batshit crazy! What is he thinking doing all this, he's not acting like a rational human being at all and the whole thing is so bizarre?! I think you're right in that this will lead to Karen's exit.
  19. ElectricKnight

    Sheryl Crow

    Can’t seem to find news of this anywhere? I hope that’s not the album cover, hideous!
  20. ElectricKnight


    Ben yes, Linda never! She's amazing and always has been. Dean's return will put her in the thick of it again now.