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  1. offyourhead

    Cher Lloyd - Sorry I'm Late

    Re: Cher Lloyd- I Wish (ft. T.I) and upcoming album It's the Saturday night show on Z100 in New York, which is basically one of the country's top stations. Get that exposure Cher!
  2. offyourhead

    Katy Perry - Prism

    Re: Katy Perry - Prism (3rd Studio Album) The imagery of this era thus far has lead me to believe that M83 is indeed going to appear on the album in some form.
  3. offyourhead


    I actually love the This Is How We Do It cover, if only for the AlunaRapping on it. Outside of the singles and tracks that surfaced before the rest of the album, I think the highlights are Lost & Found, Best Be Believing and Kaleidoscope Love. I also have a soft spot for Superstar because it...
  4. offyourhead

    Nicola Roberts

    I still love the album as a whole, but I would love a Nicola/Metronomy album. The two tracks by Joseph Mount are sublime.
  5. offyourhead

    Icona Pop - All Night

    Still think they should be releasing Good For You, since it already exists and is perfect...
  6. offyourhead

    Ellie Goulding - Halcyon

    Not Ellie serving Britney circa-2001 realness.
  7. offyourhead

    Diana Vickers - Music To Make Boys Cry

    As long as Boy in Paris and Music To Make Boys Cry are left intact...
  8. offyourhead

    Little Mix

    The Saturdays definitely haven't reached any sort of peak that high in the United States. And never will, either...
  9. offyourhead

    Kanye West - Yeezus

    I was watching him on Saturday Night Live with my tasteless white bread cousins last night, and they reacted to it about as badly as I predicted. I think his new material sounds really interesting, but all it was to them was a angry black man yelling, apparently...
  10. offyourhead

    Little Boots - Nocturnes

    I was gonna go to see her tonight, but my sister has graced with me a congested nose and a horrible cough, so that's not happening anymore. I'll just play the album really loudly and pretend I'm there I guess...
  11. offyourhead

    Little Boots - Nocturnes

    Satellites sounds like it could be a really good Kylie album track.
  12. offyourhead

    Little Boots - Nocturnes

    This album is gonna have to hurry up and leak because I'm seeing her next Tuesday (heh) and I wanna know all the songs by then.
  13. offyourhead

    Katy Perry - Prism

    Re: Katy Perry - Third Album (2013) PleaseworkwithM83pleaseworkwithM83.
  14. offyourhead

    Azealia Banks - Broke with Expensive Taste

    Re: Azealia Banks - Yung Rapunxel (1st Single) If Azealia said something is coming tomorrow, then that probably translates to at least a month later in actual time.
  15. offyourhead

    Girls Aloud

    That screencap says so much about the band. Cheryl: Up front and unsurprisingly trying to steal the spotlight, being waited on by a doting follower. Nadine: Not the focus of the group, but shining in her place nonetheless, remaining underrated. Sarah: Looks slightly hungover. Kimberley...
  16. offyourhead

    Jessie Ware - Devotion

    She has yet to give me a reason to think she's anything less than an angelic, otherworldly being of perfection.
  17. offyourhead

    Selena Gomez - Stars Dance (Album)

    Re: Selena Gomez - TBA (Album) + Come & Get It (Single) I really like this, but it does sound a little bit like Rihanna's Lost in Paradise, no?
  18. offyourhead

    Little Mix feat. Missy Elliot - How Ya Doin'? (Single)

    Only if that fifth single would end up being Turn Your Face.
  19. offyourhead - “Mind Your Business” (with Britney Spears) + General Discussion

    He has such embarrassingly little self-awareness about himself, doesn't he?
  20. offyourhead

    Florence and the Machine - Ceremonials

    Over the Love sounds incredible.