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    Remember kids, it's DOWN THE ROAD, not ACROSS THE STREET. Make those cuts count.
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    Clay Aiken finally comes out, apparently

    Why has nobody mentioned the googly-eyed baby? Is it HIS? Not all babies are beautiful, some are PLUG. Poor Clay.
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    Lady GaGa - The Fame

    backtracks AHERM re-evaluates It's quite fab. I've given it a few more spins and it's now up there with Michelle Wiliams in my 'albums of the year' list.
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    Boyzone-"I Love You Anyway" (No Its Not A Ballad Song)

    It DOES. But it's no 'Shine'.
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    Clay Aiken finally comes out, apparently

    Again, I totally agree. A person refusing to admit they are gay only draws attention to it and furthermore, it smacks of someone taking themselves FAR too seriously. Being openly gay hasn't done George Michael or Elton John any harm, whatever your opinion of them is. I'm not keen myself but they...
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    Clay Aiken finally comes out, apparently

    100% agree. Gay Aitken's problem is that he's utterly sexless so nobody is going to care anyway. He's just not fanciable. He looks like a weed and sings pish songs. Didn't he come out AGES ago anyway? I seem to remember a certain contingent in America complaining that they'd been had because...
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    Why does everyone hate Walk This Way?

    Nadine ruined I Think We're Alone Now. The song doesn't need to be oversung FFS Sarah could have carried it off herself. As for WTW, it's just such an uninspired cover version that not many people give a shit about it.
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    Forget the girlbands... it's all about 'AVENUE'.

    Oh God it's just like Cascada but WORSE. Total drivel. The Spencer & Hill remix is acceptable though.
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    Has there ever been a worse musical pairing?

    I quite liked them doing that *dies of shame*
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    Boyzone-"I Love You Anyway" (No Its Not A Ballad Song)

    Och it's NOT THAT BAD. Better than fucking Avenue anyway. Ronan is still, and always will be, a massive twat though.
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    MADONNA: Sticky & Sweet Tour 2008

    Well I was one of those. There was a sea of people in front and behind me, we made it to the last set of mounted police before the stairs when the announcement came over the tannoy that the station was closed. There was nearly a fucking riot. They tried to make us walk back to the stadium, at...
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    Lady GaGa - The Fame

    There's another rack not listed above, called Disco Heaven, which is quite nice too. Poker Face and Just Dance are by far the highlights. It all gets a bit samey after a while.
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    New kids on the block- The block

    Danny has a VERY ATTRACTIVE NECK in that pic up top.
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    If You Could Change One Thing about Pop at the Moment...

    1. Bring back TOTP, CDUK and the Chart Show IMMEDIATELY 2. Ensure all singles get a physical release 3. Ban SHIT DJs like Jo Whiley from the airwaves That's three. Hey ho.
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    Aww Anastacia's fab. Her and Taylor Dayne should duet on something huge. That'd shatter a few eardrums.
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    Leon Jackson

    Re: Leon Jackson - Debut Single 13th October I think it's going to be SHIT
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    Moby - Disco Lies (Freemasons Remixes)

    Well thank you, I accept.
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    Solange Knowles - I Decided (Freemasons Remix)

    There should be questions in Parliament if this is not a hit, that's how fucking ridiculous the scenario is. Radio One are pussies, have been for years. Months later, I'm still not tired of this song.
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    Moby - Disco Lies (Freemasons Remixes)

    I like it. The main page says it sounds like the 'Green Light' remix but I think it sounds much more like 'Ring The Alarm', as remixes go.
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    Big Brother 9...

    He's a dead cert to leave tonight although he doesn't appear to think so himself. I hate the fat lying bastard, he's so offensive to anyone with a brain.